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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CAT Scan, Allergic Reaction and Rescue Heroes

I was just thinking the other day that I didn't have anything exciting to post about lately.  Life was just life.  Be careful what you wish for, because, boy-oh-boy, did things get exciting around here yesterday!!!!

Yesterday morning I woke up at 5am and decided I needed to go to the ER.  Sunday afternoon I had been having some abdominal pain and low grade fever.  I waited it out and was able to sleep, but Monday morning the pain had become more intense and my fever was climbing.  My initial thoughts APPENDICITIS!  EEEK!  I knew I needed medical attention so off I went.  Better to be safe than sorry is my motto.  Mark's health insurance is very good so a trip to the ER only costs $25  We feel very BLESSED for that.

There was no one waiting and they took me straight back.  You know in the ER how they have different kinds of rooms?  Well...they put me in one of the scary ones...(large with just the pull together curtains) it didn't do much for my anxiety.  Vitals taking, recent history, two attempts at an IV and blood and urine tests.  They decided to give me pain meds and zofran.   And then I waited.  Next they wanted to do a pelvic exam (which is always torture).  Although in their defense it is all part of the protocol for my symptoms.  Then I waited some more.

(My scary room)

The doctor came back and decided he wanted to do a CAT scan.  Oh goody...never had one before.  He said he didn't think I had appendicitis but he wanted to rule it out and felt he had enough information to justify having one.  Fun thing about and abdominal CAT scan is that you have to drink contrast.  It wasn't too bad but you have to drink it over 2 hours.  Finally the lady performing the CAT scan came to wheel me down the hall.     It was quite intimidating seeing the enormous round donut like contraption.  She then informed me that she would be injecting dye into me and that it makes you feel all warm and that is normal.  GREAT.  I love how the machine told you to breathe and not breathe.  Ok...CAT scan over and back to the room, but before we made it back to my room I began breaking out in hives!!! The nurse and doctor freaked, pumped me full of benaryl and then I had a panic attack!  So I got hooked up to all the heart monitors (still trying to remove the sticky from my body).  FABULOUS.

(This is me post panic lips and teeth were stained red from the contrast.  The kids thought I was bleeding when I got home).

So about a half hour later, once I had calmed down they removed the heart monitors and told me that the scan had come back and there was indeed a diagnosis.  I had an inflamed colon (or better known as Diverticulitis).  Runs in the family.  Explains the fever and tummy pain.  I was briefed on the diet and was given a round of IV antibiotics and 3 types of medications.  After giving me a prescription for two oral antibiotics and 1 pain med, they released me.

I came home to 3 children very happy to see their mama.  Although Bella is in a phase where you tell her to say "mama" and she whispers "dada" and smiles!  I appreciate Grandma coming over yesterday afternoon as Mark couldn't take another day off work.  It was a tremendous help.

I am recovering slowly.  The pain is better and the fever comes and goes.  My tummy is pretty sensitive to food so I have to stick to a really bland diet while everything heals.  And of course 2500mg of antibiotics over the course of 24 hours is hard on the gut.  So it was indeed an emergency and I totally appreciate any prayers you can send my way.

The last picture is of a little climber who is "playing" with our Rescue Heroes".  She is never one to have a dull moment and is enjoying "helping" me (e.i. pulling out all the diaper wipes, climbing on things she shouldn't, pulling out all the video game controllers, randomly hitting me...).


Sarah Rufener said...

Wow what an adventure!!! I've never had a CAT scan...3 MRIs but never a CAT scan. Glad that they figured out what was wrong now we know how to pray. Cant wait to see you in a couple months!!!

Carissa said...

Me too! Cant wait to see you. Never had an MRI. The CAT scan was kind of freaky. Just waiting to feel 100 percent again. Love ya!

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