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Friday, June 13, 2008


(Oct. 2006)
Can you believe that our 10 year wedding anniversary is in January? I can hardly believe it myself. Mark and I are going to renew our wedding vows on our 10 year anniversary. So if at all possible save the date for January 2, 2009 at 5 pm. We have the church reserved and are planning a very unique ceremony. We would love anyone who would like to come support us. Today in our society marriage is 50/50 odds. We have been through a lot of struggles in our marriage as well as celebrations. We feel that this milestone is one to be celebrated!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Kindergartner

Well...after months of thinking and various meetings and screenings my little boy is officially a KINDERGARTNER. He has made such tremendous progress in the last six months that he is ready for kindy land. He knows all his letters and sounds and numbers. His cutting skills and speech are great. He is going to be going to private school at Mt. View. He has already met his teacher and is super excited. I am too. I have gone back and forth about is he ready? He is. So...I did the only thing a good mother would do...I wrote a huge check to the school to begin paying for his education. But honestly...what price can you really put on educating your child?

My New Job

Well...I got a new job for the fall. I am an Early Childhood Educational Specialist for Vancouver Public Schools. I am very excited about this outstanding oppertunity to offically begin my career. I recieved my new hire packet this week and there was a letter stating that 4,000 canidates applied for their 250 jobs that they will hire for this year. I apparently was one of the 250. This of course changes everything for us. But...hey... change is good!

Memorial Day (Honoring My Grandpa Bert)

(The first year I took Luke and Grace 2006)

(Luke, mom and Grace 2008)

Every year, since we have had Grace, I take the kids to my grandfather's grave at the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland. We buy the same flowers and we visit his grave site. It is a promise that I fulfill as a wish that my dad had. My mom told me that my dad wanted to make sure that some one cared about his dad's grave site each memorial day. So, I pack up the kids and we drive up the hill to the cemetery and weave back to the great hill where he is buried. The kids get out and help. This is the third year we have gone.

Wild Waves

(Luke riding the train at Wild Waves)
(Luke riding the "speed boats" at Wild Waves)

Well...our youth group went up to "Big Splash" on May 31. I drove up the boys (Luke and Baby Z). Grace went to Grandmas. I was suppose to have respite care for baby Z, but that didn't happen. Anyway, Luke had a blast! He loved riding the rides. It ended up raining most of the day so we didn't get in the water because it was so cold. But they had a great time at the amusement park.
(Kids from our youth group)
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