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Monday, April 18, 2016

What the World Needs...

...less talk of election candidates and more babies promoting world peace!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Railroad Wife

I love a man that can wear a baby!!!  And oh how I love my husband.  He works tirelessly to support our family, and even me.  A little over a year ago, I stopped working and began raising our kids at home full time.  It was a difficult decision, knowing the alternative to me not working.  Mr. Fix-It (Mark) is fortunate enough to have different job positions available to him.  He can work in the Vancouver train yard terminal building trains...getting them ready to travel with their various cargo, or he can actually travel with the trains to Pasco, WA and back.  Mr. Fix-It is a train conductor and the first thing he would tell you is that it sounds more exciting than it actually is.  When he works in the yard he is able to have a set schedule and hours.  Mr. Fix-It enjoys the swing shift.  When he works the "road" or traveling with the trains, he has no set schedule and as his name rotates to the top of list he takes whatever train he is assigned to.  He could get a call at 3am.  It is almost impossible to predict any type of schedule.  Welcome to the world of being a Railroad Wife!
While I am VERY thankful for his job, as it as provided so many incredible things for our family, I find this schedule difficult for the children and I.  Having a son with special needs that thrives on predictability, having no clue what days dad has off is so agonizing for him.  We work through it as best as we can, but we all have our moments. 

Yesterday, after nearly a year of working in the "yard", Mr. Fix-it took his first train to Pasco, WA at 9pm last night.  Before he even kissed me good-bye, I was doing the ugly cry.  It wasn't for my lack of confidence or feeling like I couldn't handle it, however; it was more for the fact that I was going to just plain miss him.  He is my best friend.

So here we are entering another transition.  Hopefully the last for a long time.  I am slowly finding my way as a mother of four kiddos.  I am a walking a new path of caring for a newborn up to a teenager.  It is a little crazy at times! 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A New Beginning

After being absent here on the blog since late September, I find it fitting to title this post "A New Beginning".  First "A New Beginning" to writing about life again, and an introduction to "A New Beginning" at the Dahl house. 

Matthew William Neal was born on Wednesday, February 17 @ 7:57am.  He weighed in at an impressive 9 pounds and 9 ounces.  Matthew was 21.75 inches tall.  He had a full head of the precious dark hair you have ever seen.  He is beautiful and we are all in love.  Matthew has one of those little bodies that is squishy all over and he molds to fit into your arms.  He sleeps for long stretches at a time and enjoys eating, eating and more eating.  He is love and my heart is so full!
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