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Adopting Grace

Grace means "unending favor" and the favor of God rested on our family throughout her adoption story.  I was sitting at a mentoring meeting in March of 2006, really excited because we were leaving for Disneyland in a couple of days, and one of my very favorite social workers told me she wanted to meet with me after the meeting.  Uh-oh...did I do something wrong?  SO...the whole meeting I was on pins and needles wondering what she wanted.  After the mentor meeting was over, she took me back into the maze of social worker cubicals and asked me if we were interested in a placement for foster adopt.  I said "YES".  Two weeks later, as soon as we were home from Disneyland, Grace entered our world.

I will never forget the first time I saw her.  Her foster mom had said that she was super shy and it would take a long time for her to warm up.  I had no sooner sat down on the floor and she toddled over, climbed up in lap and put her head down on my shoulder as if to say..."hi mom...glad you finally made it."  She was 13 months old.

Her case was the complete opposite of Luke's.  She went to 2 visits, and that was it.  Parental rights were terminated by default and she was adopted June 8, 2007.  The next week we celebrated in Disneyland!  She is a joy and gift.  There is more to her story...but it is HER story so I will refrain from saying...but I will SAY it is truly a miracle that we are NOT dealing with another set of special needs given her history.  God is good. We weren't looking for her, but God sets the lonely in families and HE set her in ours.  She is beautiful and smart and witty.  She has a very strong will.  Her adoption was incredible as it was just mostly family and everyone was allowed to come up to the bench and the kids got to hit the gavel.  I am honored to be chosen to be her Mommy!

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