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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wild West Birthday Bash!!!

Well....I am still cleaning up the straw from the party, but it was so much fun!!! The kids had a blast and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had about 25 people (including kids and babies). It was a full house. We were very fortunate that it didn't rain at all (or snow) during the party. The kids even got to play the games outside.
I spent about three days decorating and moving furniture when I accepted the fact that the weather was going to be awful. A gal from our youth group let us borrow her real saddle and Mark bought a couple bails of straw. We set up the saddle over the straw and took Wild West pictures. They were too cute. We had a BBQ despite the rain. Mark BBQ'd Costco hot dogs and polish dogs. We had a to-go order from Hooters for their absolutely wonderful hot wings. There were many laughs to go along with that :) My mom (Mimi) made my favorite beans and also mac salad (the kids call it noodle salad). We also had chips and dip, fruit salad and corn on the cob. The kids had these adorable boot shaped mugs filled with either Root Beer or Cherry 7-UP with real red cherries. (It reminded me of the time the cousins went to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor for one of David's famous birthdays and had the cherries and the animals in the soda pop.)
Anyway, Gracie was quite attached to her boot mug and carried it around. Luke was so hyped up I don't know if he even ate anything. He was just beside himself that all his friends were at his party (to which I kept reminding him it was for him and Grace). Then we played games. That was the one thing that Luke really wanted to do. So games we played!!! We panned for gold outside. I had sand and aquarium rocks painted gold. I used pie pans and slit holes in them. I was surprised how much work it took like really panning for gold. Well, not that Knott's Berry Farm is really what panning for gold is like, but it took a long time their too. We played "There's a snake in my boot" where we threw plastic snakes in the boots. We had a Tattoo Parlor with cute western pictures. We had a Guess the Number Win the Candy Stand. There were a couple of jars filled with dum-dums and bubble gum balls. The kids enjoyed the Cowboy boot pinata, and my favorite was the "Pin the badge on outlaw Luke." I blew up the kids picture from the invitation at Kinkos and posted it on the wall. The kids took turns being blindfolded and pinning the badge on Luke. Luke ran around saying, "It's time to pin the badge on me."

The kids loved opening their presents. They got some great presents. It was just the right amount. Most of their presents from us (mommy and daddy) were re-gifted from Christmas and they didn't even know. Mark and I started a Dahl family compact where we are not buying anything new through the end of the year. I will share more about this later. We are almost a month into it now.

Finally they blew out the candles on their cake. I spent about 4-5 hours making it from start to finish. It was a two layer cake (one vanilla one chocolate). I decorated it with the wild west scene. I thought it was pretty cute. All in all it was a great party. I had so much fun planning their party. Yes, it was hours and hours of planning and work. Yes, I was up to 1:30am the morning of the party. Yes, I loved every minute of it. My kids are so special to me and I am so thankful for them and what they mean to me. They are special gifts to me to treasure and every birthday is so important to me. They are only little once. I like the idea of having them together. We will continue to do this until they insist on separate parties. Believe it or not, I am already thinking of next years party. . . Mmmmmm Maybe a Circus theme.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter, Easter and More Easter

The kids had a great Easter. Infact, they got so much stuff from Mimi and in the mail, I never even gave them their little easter baskets from us. Mark told me just save them for next year. So, I packed them away.

We had an egg hunt on Saturday outside, and then again on Sunday inside at Mimi's house. They loved finding the eggs. Luke was quick and wild about getting as many as he could. Gracie would find one and talk to it and shake it like it was a prized possession.

Sunday morning we had a church breakfast that was a fundraiser for the youth group. I won't totally get into the whole story, but there is a story there that involves me making close to 100 cinnamon rolls without a lot of notice. The kids were really cute. It was a nice service and just an overall nice day. Mimi and Papa made a nice relaxing Easter Dinner.

Luke's 5th Birthday!!!

Luke turned 5 last Saturday! I can hardly believe that he is now out of toddlerhood and is now a little boy. He is such a wonderful son and it amazes me how absolutely perfect he is. Luke is a delight to my heart.
For his birthday, I took him and he purchased the Disney Movie "Robinhood". Although, Luke calls it "Red Robin Hood." We took him out to lunch at his favorite resturant called, "Cheesey Noodles" aka "Spagehtti Factory." They sang to him at the table which he thought was the greatest thing ever! I also sent a special birthday snack to school the Thursday before. He has been getting cards in the mail with money. He told me he is saving for his "kitar" aka "guitar". He is very excited about his birthday party on Saturday. I have to keep reminding him that it is for him and Grace. It hasn't quite excepted that fact yet :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild West Extravaganza

On March 29, we are having the kids' birthday party. The picture is the invitation that I sent to family and friends. It is Luke and Grace dressed up as outlaws. I am so excited for the party. We are going to have a wild west bbq. Luke really wanted to play games so we are going play "Panning for Gold", "Pin the sheriff badge on Luke" (I made a life sized poster of the invitation picture at kinkos), "A Shooting Game" (with water guns), "A Gold Hunt", and of course a Cowboy boot pinata. I am making a horseshoe shaped cake complete with a wild west scene on top (I will take pictures). I ordered a ton of stuff through Oriental trading company, but I think my favorite thing is the boot shaped mugs that I got for all the kids (we are expecting 12 kids), so our Wild West Party will be a Wild time! I can't wait to post pictures.

Pictures From Wal-Mart

I took the kids to get their pictures taken for Easter and their birthdays. I was looking to save money so I went to the portrait studio at Wal-Mart. I can't believe how well they turned out. Apparently the studio just went digital. Anyway, my kids are freaks for picture taking. By the end of the session Luke was, "ok, take another one of me" and he started posing himself. Yikes! Here are a few pictures but expect to get some hard copies soon because you get like 900million pictures at Wal-Mart. Enjoy!

My baby is 3!!!!

It is official. I no longer have a baby in the house. She is three years old. I can hardly believe it. She is using the potty and sleeping in a big girl bed. She is so funny and such a girly girl. We are celebrating the kids' birthdays at the end of the month since they are so close with a Wild West Party. But on her actual day we picked up our copy of 101 Dalmations (also know as "the puppy movie"). We got cupcakes and happy meals. She also picked out some princesses at the Disney Store. A girl can never have too many princesses.
(Princess Pocahauntus, Mulan, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Sleeping Beauty (aka Peeping Booty), Snow White (aka Snow Wipe), and Jasmine)
And of course front and center with a princess pose

Dishwashers Are a Blessing

I have been wanting a new dishwasher for a year now. My old dishwasher sounded like a tractor everytime I ran it, and the dishes had to be positioned just right so that the water would spray them for optimal cleanliness. Anyway it has been fun have a dishwasher that is bigger and has more space. It also has all these cool buttons like eco wash, and it is also a steralizer option. The main reason I chose this one was because it was an energy star appliance. It is the little things :)
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