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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week #31 & 32 @ The Dahlhouse

Weeks #31 & 32 were packed with pre-fair and fair activities.  Record books, and educational posters turned in.  The kiddos work so hard for this 6 days of fair.  It is the conclusion of their 4-H year.  We headed out early to the fair to turn in the posters, pick up tickets and get a sneak peak of the preparations going on at the Clark County Fair. 

I finally received a letter from Vancouver Clinic Radiology that my mammogram came back clear and was negative from any masses or questionable spots.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Through all of my health issues this year, I have continued to live my life motto, "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway..."  I have faced a lot of my fears this year, and through counseling, medication and a supportive husband, I feel like I have taken huge steps in facing some of my greatest fears. 
I made SO.MUCH.JAM.  Mark asked for jam...he got jam!  Blackberry, strawberry, Marionberry and boysenberry.  I just couldn't stop!  LOL. 

Still teaching away for VIPKID.  I have to admit though...I've had a difficult time finding a schedule that works for me and is consistent.  I was in a really good rhythm before the kids got out of school and before Mark's schedule changed.  This summer I feel like I have tried just about everything.  I have learned I don't like the split shift (early mornings and late evenings), and super early mornings too many days in a row.  Currently I am trying two early mornings and 1 evening.  That's the plan this week.  I do have some regular clients I absolutely adore.  I want to visit China so badly. 
Saturday we attended a kids day for our church. 

Milestone with VIPKID.  400 classes taught and 10,000 minutes of teaching.
The fair officially began on August 4th.  We went for a fun evening prior to the start of all of our events.
Bella enjoys helping with Matthew.  Hahaha
My 4-H kiddos ready for a full week at fair!

Our club "Hoppy Homesteaders"
Luke entered two rabbits this year (Max and Pixie).
Grace entered two rabbits as well (Ruby and Elsa).
Bella entered one rabbit (Olaf).
Bella watering rabbits during our herdsmanship shift.
Luke talking to fair goers about rabbits.  He is in his element.
His tattoo box won a special award.
Bella showing Elsa.
Matthew loving the bun-buns.
Daddy came to the fair!
Grace showing Olaf.
Luke showing Pixie.
One more day at fair...I think I can...I think I can...
Ride day at the fair.
One last request...face paint to close out the fair.  Until next year!  The kids did so well.  I was very proud of their work they put into the fair and their rabbits.  It is a great lesson for them to start something and see it through to completion. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week #30 @ The Dahlhouse

I am always finding myself in "catch-up" mode.  I have come to accept the fact that life is just crazy- busy and I am always behind.  ALWAYS.  Week #30 was indeed a busy one here at the Dahlhouse.  It began bright and early on Monday morning.  Luke had a doctor's appointment to discuss some medication issues that we have been having.  He was entertaining me with his double jointed shoulders!  So crazy!  I love this guy!  I am the luckiest to have been chosen to be his mommy. 

Later that morning the two olders headed off to summer camp with the youth group.  I was so excited for them.  They went to the same summer camp that I grew up going to (Camp Crestview).  While Grace had the most fabulous time and didn't want to come home, Luke's experience was different.  Time will tell if he wants to return to summer camp next year.  Special needs are always difficult...difficult for him and difficult for others.  Why is that some kids find the need to prey on the weak, the different, the ones that are most vulnerable at times.  I was so proud of him for going!  It was a huge step for him and even though he had challenges he did it!  I am trying so much to focus on the positive. 
This little one was in 7th heaven with just some mommy and me time.  She's my girl!  Manicures all around!  Thank you Lyn!
Man Cub loving on a baby. 

Wednesday, Bella planned the whole day...including lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Her and I continue to share the love of Chinese culture. 

Why can't kids keep their rooms picked up???  I spent several hours undoing this while the older girl child was away at camp.  Believe it or still looks like this presently.  I.give.up.

IKEA shopping and stop for lunch!
Daddy and son.
Tuesday I went and faced my fears and had my annual physical complete with lab work.  I am happy to report that everything came back great.  After my skin cancer scare, I have been very afraid of what else the doctors might find.  But being proactive for my health...I decided to push for a mammogram even thought I am only 38.  With my family history, I didn't want to take chances and as we all know early detection is the key.  So Friday, before the olders came home from camp, I scheduled my mammogram.  Honestly, I did not find the exam painful or long.  It was easy and straightforward.  The waiting...that is the hard part.  I am not good at the waiting for results. 
Hawaiian shave ice!  Living it up and soaking in summer.
Passed out!
Blackberries for jam.
Games and play-doh for days...
The youngers.
A boy and his truck. 
You know it's been a good day when you have a bottle with your bath!  He is such a gift. 
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