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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're Having a GIRL!!!!!

Today was the big ultrasound...we are having a girl. My intuition was correct. We are so excited. The other amazing part of the ultrasound was that she measure exactly what she should, my placenta is in the right spot, and she is healthy. I will probably have to go back in a couple of weeks so they can get some better pictures of her heart. It is a difficult organ to see and it helps when you are farther along. The heart rate measured 148bpm. I will post some pictures later...but I wanted to say that the baby is a girl!!! Time for some shopping!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Miracle Baby

I am 20 weeks pregnant with a miracle. I feel a miracle moving around within. I never would have thought this would ever happen to me. I was told it would not without intense medical intervention...yet here I am...20 weeks pregnant with a baby that should not be, that came a way that I was told was impossible, and that has a life already predestined by God for a purpose.

You see...while reading my bible over the last 7 years I have found countless stories of infertility. I have learned many important lessons from these stories about God's will, timing and patience. Yet, in the last couple of months I have learned something new. There are many stories of women who were infertile, and finally when God moved and they conceived and had a child, those children had great purpose. For example, Sarah was nearly 100 years old when she finally gave birth to a baby boy, Issac. Issac grew up and married Rebekah, they suffered from infertility. Issac prayed for Rebekah and the bible says God opened her womb. She gave birth to Jacob and Esau. Jacob married Rachel who watched her sister Leah have baby after baby after baby. In God's timing Rachel gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin. The timing for Joseph to be born was critical. He went on to be the Pharaoh's right hand man and influential in planning, harvesting and saving food during the 7 years of plenty, so they could survive during the seven years of drought. In the new testament, the one story of infertility that amazes me is Elizabeth, who gave birth to John the Baptist. God's timing was again critical as John was only months older than Jesus. There are many other stories too, but these are the ones that I have focused on. I know and believe that all children are miracles, but I know that God has a divine plan for my baby's life and that timing of this little one is perfect. I am just grateful that I didn't have to wait until I was near 100 like Sarah, although sometimes the 7 years has felt like 100.

I don't take for granted this gift that God has chosen to give our family. It means different things to different people. I am just in awe of God's ultimate grace, because I was completely content to adopt and keep loving children that were not biologically mine. As a mom of 2 adopted babes, and one biological I can tell you the love feels no different. I am excited to see if this baby is a boy or girl. We have a name picked out for each. The name will remain a surprise until baby is born. I am ultimately excited to watch God's plan unfold in this little person's life.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Half Way There (20 weeks)

Boy or Girl??? That is the question. I can hardly wait to find out....and on Tuesday, November 24th we will know. My intuition tells me that it is a girl and Mark is thinking a boy...either way we will be happy. My mom is going to come to the ultrasound that will be fun. I would love the kids to be there but they don't allow children under 12 years old in the ultrasound room. Plus I can't imagine trying to keep them behaving while having the ultrasound.

I can't believe I half-way through. It seems like yesterday I found out. I am feeling the baby move around at times. And people defiantly notice that I am pregnant now. Certain things are getting more and more difficult for me to accomplish. This is truly a walk of faith. The baby within is a miracle (all babies are) but I was told that this baby would not come to be by a well respected and knowledgeable doctor. Fortunately...God is in control...not man.

As we enter this holiday season, I am so blessed by the gift God has given me. My heart is so full that no material gift could compare with His gift to us.

Family Vacation

We took our vacation this last week. Mark and I got away for a night to Skamania lodge. I love the lodge it is always so peaceful. We really had a nice time together. We then took the kids to the beach. They had a great time discovering the beach for the first time. We hunted for seashells, played games, shopped and ate out. They really enjoyed themselves.

Tomorrow is back to school and work for me.

It's Been Awhile....

I have been a horrible blogger lately. Life has been so busy. I had a doctor's appointment about 3 weeks ago and everything was perfect. Mark and I decided to have the quad-screen testing done on the baby for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 18 and spina bifida. Everything came back normal.

The kids are doing well. Luke is reading very well and busy. Grace loves to sing and now we are hearing all the songs for their Christmas party. They had a great Halloween. We went to the Harvest Party at church and then trick-or-treating at Mimi and Papa's house. They both ended up with so much candy!
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