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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Catch Up.....

Well, most of June has flown by.  It has been a very busy month with graduations, end of school and work, a vacation and holidays.  It has been an amazing month of blessing by God, family and even people I didn't know. I will "ATTEMPT" over the next couple of posts to capture this month of June in pictures and get everyone caught up.

First things first...let's venture back to Memorial Day weekend, where my friend and amazing photographer Carla Hunt, with Chocolate Tree Photography, came to a park to capture the essence of my kids (at this moment).  I think she did and AMAZING job!  Not only did she take awesome pictures, she connected with my kids and they LOVED it!  Including Bella who hates getting her picture taken. This is the only photo session in her short life that she has not cried hysterically and worked herself up.  I have said it before, but I will say it again, "thank you Carla!"


The Dahl Kids (2011)

The next event in our life was the first weekend in June.  Luke had his karate graduation where he went from the yellow belt to the orange belt.  He did AWESOME!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Miracle Trip

Two weeks from today, we will be at the Happiest Place On Earth!!!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it, but I have yet to pack a thing (although I do have piles for organization).  I need to grab the suitcases out of the attic.
 Disneyland 2006

 Disneyland 2007

Disneyland 2010

The kids are very excited as well and keep asking me "how many sleeps?"  I told them we need to make a countdown chain.  :)  Even though the kids don't understand, my heart is grateful for this opportunity.  You see, finances have been very tight and difficult this past year.  There have been many expenses and with me not working much of the year, the financial pressure has felt heavy at times.  With Luke's therapy needs, medical bills and my tonsillectomy, it has seemed too much at times.  There was no way a couple of months ago that I thought we would be taking a trip ANYWHERE.

THEN....out of the blue...we receive a phone call.  A few people had gotten together and decided that they WERE GOING TO PAY for our family to take a trip to Disneyland.  I was SPEECHLESS!!! I couldn't believe that these people were doing this for us.  They told me that they wanted Luke to be able to enjoy Disneyland again right NOW.  That he needed a vacation away and a break from ALL the medical stuff in his life.  The only thing they asked is that we kept them anonymous.  I have no idea if they read my blog, but if they do....thank you from this incredibly grateful mommy's heart.  I am so thrilled for this break and trip and will LOVE and ENJOY every moment.  Thank you for this most awesome blessing and for investing in my children's lives.  And for allowing us to make life-long memories with them!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Luke's Book

Luke has this awesome interest in making and writing in books (or white computer paper he staples together).  He loves to sit in his bed at night and write and write and write (which just thrills this teacher mommy's heart!)
Yesterday, while he was playing or resting (he's been sick) I found his latest book he has been writing in.

He titled it "My Days".  It reads:  "Dad takes me to do fun stuf.  and cool stuf. like golf or shooting, or football.  And we play together, and go bike riding together and going fishing.  Today Mom and Dad are taking me to a rashtront (restaurant) and I found a dead phone last night (my old cell phone).  I am keeping it.  We are going to a rashtront.  Tomorrow I am going to school and home.  I mite go on a bike ride, and sleep in to (I would LOVE that Luke!).  On Tuesday I am going to play the Wii or twister or truble or nerf or play with the baby.  On Wednesday I am going to krody (karate) with Theron (boy in his class) and sleep in (there it is again!).  And play nerf on the Wii or play outside with Grace.  We fite (fight) together.  Not the fiting (fighting) with swerds (swords).  On Thursday I am going to therapy at the hosebitl (hospital) with Joy (his therapist).  We have fun together and play games together like skitball (?) On Friday I am going to school or staying home.  I think I am going to school on Friday.  On Saturday I think we are going to bul (bowl).  On Sunday we are going to cherch (church).  Mimi will come over to are hose (house) or not.  On Monday I go to school every day exept (except) for Sunday and Saterday.  On Tuesday I go to school it is fun. **** BUT there is a buly (bully) in my class.  His name is Hunter.  He pretens (pretends) to punch me.  He lafes (laughs) at me win I take a penny off my name bord (board).  He is not nice to me and he calls me stuped (stupid) every day. This is my sher (share) day today. But I have a cold and can't go to school.  My dad is nice but Hunter cales (calls) me stinky pants. But I ignor (ignore) him.*****  On Wednesday it is a hafe (half) day and we are lerning (learning) dividion (division).  On Thursday I get out of school ely (early).   I have therapy. We play together.  I thror (throw) ben bags (bean bags) in a target.  It is fun.  We do table work.  On Friday my dad takes the day off on fridays.  He us (used) to take tusdays and mondays off.  He got bumbed (bumped) to the 221 job.  But he us (used) to work on the 227.  He is going to get col (coal) for me.  On Saturday my dad hase (has) to work. It's (yes he used a contraction!  Go Luke!) sad. On Sunday Mimi come's(now he wants to use them alot) over on Sunday.

I honestly can't believe that he wrote all of that with NO help from Mark or myself.  I must admit I teared up reading about him describe being bullied everyday at school.  How is that ok? or acceptable?  Why must the bigger prey on the little and the different?  My heart breaks that he gets on the bus each morning knowing what awaits him the classroom.  I talk with all the teachers all the time and there never seems to be an resolution to the issue.  I have seen this boy in action and I have no doubts that he knows how to push Luke's buttons.  I just bothers me that with all of Luke's OTHER issues (glaucoma, tourette's, ADHD, sensory processing, auditory processing, microcephaly, etc.) that he HAS to deal with this kid.  Makes me MAD.  He tells me he gets picked on when he leaves the classroom early to go to various therapies and OT with us on Thursdays.  Please pray for wisdom for Mark and I as we discuss the educational future of one VERY exceptional child!
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