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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week #24 & #25 @ The Dahlhouse

Weeks #24 and #25 were a blur of activities.  The beginning of week #24 had all the Dahl kids saying goodbye to their classmates as school came to an end.  The three of them each had an amazing year!  We are proud of the growth they all experienced and look forward to next year at Cornerstone. 
Blessings come in all shapes an sizes, and this one is no exception.  Bella has been so sad about leaving our big play structure behind when we moved in January 2016.  Many tears have been shed over that play structure (especially when we found out that the new home owners chopped it up and dragged it out).  It, however, was too large for our new backyard.  One of my friends, Kim, posted on Facebook that they were giving this structure away for free if we took it apart.  Thankfully Mark is very handy.  Bella is thrilled with the new play structure, and it is the perfect size for our little backyard.  I especially like the covered rooms underneath and up top. With all the rain we get in the Pacific Northwest, it still means Bella can venture outside in rain boots.  I am certain Matthew will be following her shortly as we have discovered he is an outside kind of guy.  Thank you Kim! 

The middle of the week, I took all four kiddos to Luke's Casey Eye Appointment.  It is always an adventure with my bunch!!!  Good news is Luke's eyes remain stable.  The doctor actually allowed me to view what his glaucoma looked liked.  I also got to compare his eye photographs from years past too.  It is very interesting.  We all rode the tram up the hill, viewed the fish in the tank, and watched Cars in the exam room while waiting.  Matthew was pretty good up until the doctor came in.  He decided to have a blow out!  I took him to the bathroom that resembled one you would find on an airplane (seriously people it is a children's hospital) and used 10,000 wipes on a kiddo that needed a serious bath.  I couldn't find the plastic bags and the only spare outfit I had was a one piece sleeveless number. It was 60 degrees outside. I was laughing in the bathroom...because what else can you do?  We all survived the traffic home.  Memories.

VIPKID continues to go very well for me.  I love working out of my closet.  I sometimes have to remind myself that this whole thing is REAL!  I have an online job where I teach the sweetest kids in Beijing, China.  I have even built up a steady clientele of regular students.  One thing is for sure...we have FUN! 

I continue to heal after my bout with skin cancer.  I have a nice scar that will be a reminder for the rest of my life.  I have decided though that the scar means I survived.  I will proudly wear it as a reminder that God has things in control.  I won't leave this earth one minute before I am supposed to.  At times my shoulder is tender, but I am able to do more thing with my right arm now. 

I am soaking up every moment I can of his babyhood.  I love that he still lets me rock him to sleep.  I cherish the time. 

We celebrated Father's Day even though I ended up sick and I was the one that took the nap.  LOL.  We are all so thankful for Mark and the wonderful father he is.  We love you babe.

Mark transitioned back to traveling with the trains.  It means we are all in a period of adjustment.  Some of us are doing better with the change than others.  This first week back was rough (!  I have declared Monday's library day.  I finally found our adorable little library in Battle Ground.  The kids love to go and pick out books.  I am teaching Luke and Grace how to use the Library catalog, and how to search and put books on hold that they want to read.  I think they are getting the hang of it.
Still searching for the perfect laptop.   Suggestions?

Longest day of the year.  This is the view from Matthew's bedroom at 9:30pm. 

This boy LOVES outside!
Our newest rabbit addition...Pixie!
And finally...our favorite photographer took my kiddos 4th of July pictures!  We love you Brienne!  You are amazing.
A sneak peak! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week #23 @ The Dahlhouse: New Kids On The Block and Kindergarten Graduation

There was much to celebrate at the Dahlhouse during week #23!  We started our week on Sunday at church.  Aren't these baby Robeez feet the cutest things you have seen???  I spend a lot of time in the "Cry Room" at church.  I am super thankful for it though.  They stream the service through a live feed on a television screen, so I can mostly hear the service. 
Our first s'mores of the year was enjoyed on the patio with our new fire pit.  That was reason to celebrate!

We celebrated my best friends son's graduation from college.  She has this really adorable fountain on her back patio.  Matthew's love language is WATER!  He would have played all day if I had let him.  He protested when I took him inside and put on his PJ's. 

I finally was able to complete some projects with my Cricut and heat transfer vinyl.  I finished this diaper bag, designed two t-shirts for a concert and added the VIPKID logo onto a few orange shirts for my business.
Celebrating Man Cub's boyhood.  He has a freshly skinned knee in this picture.  He is a source of joy and happiness.  I am so thankful he is ours.
Mom and I celebrated teenage years by attending the New Kids on The Block concert at the Moda Center.  Seriously you mom is so awesome to go with me, wear the shirt, and dance and sing.  I think this why she looks so young.  She is young in heart.
It was WILD!!!  Mom took me to my very first concert (which was New Kids on The Block) on Valentine's Day 1991.  26 years later...we were back!  It was the most fun I have had in a very LONG time.  It made me feel like a teen again.

Jordan is still my fav!
The Boys were such great performers and you could tell how much they are enjoying being on tour. 
Matthew is a big helper these days.  He is "helping" me with the dishes. 
This little one had her very last day of kindergarten and kindergarten graduation.  I have been so emotional about this!  I cried more this last week of school than I did the first day.  I had a very special connection with her teacher.  She was more than Bella's teacher, over the year she became my friend.  I have a difficult time imagining Bella with a new teacher.  We love you Ms. Cavill. 

 Isn't she the sweetest?  Makes me tear up to think about what she will look like at her high school graduation. 

 Bella and Ms. Cavill
 The class!

 Waiting for her name to be called....
 Bella and Mr. Hoff (school principal).
Celebrating friendship in the neighborhood.

June 8th we celebrated Grace's 10th adoption day.  We are so grateful to have this little princess in our lives.  Even if she is twelve going on twenty.
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