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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week #21 @ The Dahlhouse

Week #21 @ the Dahlhouse started with me discovering there were 30 pictures of Bella's foot on my iPhone!  LOL!  I love this girl.  Just when I start to worry about my pathology results, she comes through for me! 
Buddy had been very sick.  I ended up taking him back to the doctor, and his ear infection was NOT better, so he ended up on a stronger antibiotic. This is a rare photo where he seeks me out and lays his head down.  Man Cub is a mover and never stops moving.  I loved the snuggles. 

Despite feeling cruddy, he did enjoy some backyard patio eating.  This boy LOVES the outdoors and chips ahoy cookies!

My pathology report FINALLY came back and the news is that there is NO MORE CANCER.  Mark and I both cried over this news.  While we expected good news, there is something peaceful about hearing it from the doctor.  I had my bandage and stitches removed and got to see my scar for the very first time.  It is shocking the aftermath of one mole.  My scar is a good six inches.  It is sore in a few spots and my arm hurts if I raise it too high.  Even though it will fade over time, there will always be a reminder of this journey. 
I enjoyed getting to hear the girls perform in their Spring concert.  I was amazed at the singing and effort put into the performance!  They also had some of their artwork on display. 

We ended the week celebrating my 38th birthday.  Seriously 38 just sounds sooo old.  I can't even believe it! Normally I am not a party person.  Sure, I love to give a good party, but never for myself.  But given the news we received about my skin cancer, I decided to celebrate with a party and all my friends.  YOLO (you only live once) is my new motto!

I ended the night feeling so very loved by some of my favorite people!  It was a really good week!

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