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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week #20 @ The Dahlhouse

HANGING out with this little one.  She missed three days of school due to a horrible cough.  When Miss B gets sick, she gets asthmatic.  It requires 2 inhalers, honey, cough meds, Advil and a pulse ox monitor for me to be able to treat her. 
LOOKING at buying a new laptop.  I have some funds to find a laptop for my VIPKID business.  It would really be a blessing to not have to haul the computer up and down the stairs. 
PAINTING with this fun group of ladies from church.  It was so good for my soul to go and just be.  There is something very therapeutic about art. 

CHAPERONING a kindergarten field trip for B.  Matthew tagged along of course.  It was a long day. I am feeling impatient at this point not having heard any results on my pathology test.  I admit to checking my phone several times this day for a missed call or email.

 LUNCHING with my mom at McMenamins Edgefield for an early celebration of my birthday.  After we went shopping, just the two of us.  I love our yearly tradition. 

CHECKING into the doctor's office...again.  This time with Man Cub.  He had been super grumpy and digging in his ear.  Sure enough...ear infection. POOR guy.  Antibiotics all around. 

 ENJOYING his amazon delivery from Mimi!  He LOVES it!  Anything with wheels. 
No post is complete with a seven year using a golf club as a boom mic!  LOL.  I think they have watched too much reality TV. 

At the end of Week #20, I am still waiting for the pathology results and I may or may not have said a few swear words when talking with Mark about my frustrations.  Limbo is not a good place for me.  Knowledge is power.

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