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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ultrasound #4

Today we had our 4th ultrasound. It was absolutely amazing!!! The baby was moving all around and we could see the head, arms, legs and body. She measured the heartbeat and it was 158 bpm. Busy baby. We even got ultrasound pictures. I am a little farther along than I thought 11weeks and 5days. Almost to 12 weeks...unbelievable. The baby measured approx. 2 inches in length. Mark went with my to the appointment and was just as amazed as me. The only bummer was having to have go to the bathroom so badly. Luckily the tech had mercy on my soul and let me go potty after she got some photos first. I really thought I was going to pee my pants. Which Mark thought was absolutely hysterical :)

My next appointment is next Wednesday with the doctor. I will have another ultrasound at 20 weeks and we will find out if it is a boy or a girl. Very exciting. Just had to share our good news.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


At the last minute we decided to enroll Grace in preschool at MVCS. We felt that she needed something that special just for her. She is going 2 half-days a week and of course loves school. She asks me every morning if it is a school day. Luke is being home schooled this year and attending Home Choice Academy though our school district.

Tooth Fairy finally happened. Luke lost his first tooth!!!!!!! He was/is so excited about it. He has only been waiting a year. I think he was the only kindergartner last year not to loose a tooth. The dentist says that boys just lose their teeth later than girls. We thought Grace might start losing teeth before Luke. He was so proud of his tooth, he didn't want the tooth fairy to come because he wanted to keep his tooth. I suggested that he write a note to the tooth fairy and ask if he can keep his first special tooth. She of course agreed, and left him $5 dollars. (I know, it might be a little much, but he worked so hard to lose that first tooth).

10 week Little Bean Update

Difficult for me to believe that I have made it to 10 weeks. It has been a rough road in some parts. Not because anything has gone wrong, but when you live through 3 miscarriages, worry, fear and doubt creep into your mind. I am also at the point where I have now carried the farthest of any of my pregnancies, so now I am uncharted territory.

The last couple of days I have been feeling pretty good. The intense nausea and fear to be far from a bathroom has gone. The heartburn has been a little better too. I hope the trend continues. I was able to have a wonderful Saturday with my mom. She invited me to have a pedicure with her, and then we had lunch at Beaches outside on the river. Finally we went down to the farmer's market and collected all sorts of fruits and veggies. It is the most I have done in the last 10 weeks. I told her a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't have done any of that.

Food is starting to taste good again. I am able to eat a wider variety of things instead of just toast and crackers. Water is tasting better too. It is amazing what our bodies to for the little bean with in.

I was able to hear the heartbeat tonight for the first time. It was 156 beats per minute. Mark and I rented a fetal Doppler. I have had it for a week or so. We thought we were hearing the heartbeat before, but it turned out to be uterine blood flow and my heartbeat. Finally, after realizing the mistake we found the little bean's heartbeat. It sounds like a galloping horse or a train. There is no mistaking it when you find it. I will also begin weaning myself off another medication. Yippee. We still appreciate all your prayers for this baby and my health. From the beginning of this pregnancy I have claimed a "text book" pregnancy. So far God has granted me what I asked including morning sickness and all. I also have my first doctor's appointment this week (well it is only with the nurse) and more blood work.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost 9 weeks

There is not much to tell these days. I still feel very icky...(which my mom thinks is the greatest thing ever). We have had fun talking about pregnancy. I have an old baby book from 1969 that my mom used when she was pregnant with me. Now that book was 10 years old when my mom was pregnant with me. Now it is 40 years old. It is quite hysterical. They have a nausea diet (which seriously requires you to eat two pieces of toast every two hours). That translates to a loaf a bread a day. I also love their advice on how to set up the babies room. Too funny. Although I will tell you I will be using their suggestions for telling children where babies come from. I already know that this conversation is coming with Luke. Up until now, babies have come from downtown Vancouver (CPS office). Grace wants to know why the baby isn't crying. And they both will tell you "my mom's baby is going to pop out around Easter." That is such a nice conversational starter with the cashier at Target. Out of the mouth of babes.
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