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Friday, April 21, 2017

Weeks13 & 14 @ The Dahlhouse

Week 14 was pretty uneventful around the Dahlhouse.  Which was welcome after last weeks birthday festivities.  I was ready for a break.  Week 15 involved our spring break fun, which included a couple of days we went swimming at the YMCA, a day beach trip and hanging out with friends.  Here are a few highlights!
RELAXING while the girls and I got pedicures for their birthdays.  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever!  Bella may or may not have had to hold my hand during part of the pedicure.  LOL.
 SPINNING the wheels on Bella's baby doll stroller!  Seriously....this kid!

HUNTING turkey!!!  Gobble-gobble!  Luke went on his 2nd annual turkey hunt and was VERY successful this year!
REDECORATING the kids' bathroom with a woodsy theme.  I heart Bears and Moose!

 EATING at Pig-N-Pancake or as Bella calls it "PIGS-N-A-BLANKET".  It's all the same!

FREEZING our buns off at the Seaside, OR turnaround.  We really did have a very fun day.  It was just a little rainy.
STOPPING to enjoy these moments.  He is growing too quickly and awww man...he has my heart!
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