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Monday, May 31, 2010

Back to Work

Bella is almost 10 weeks old, and that means it is back to work for me to finish the school year. 3 more weeks, but I can say I feel out of the routine of working. It will be good to go back, and I am happy I only work until 11:30am. I will just so miss my sweet baby, but I know she will be in good hands with daddy. I can't believe how fast time is flying by.

Luke and Grace are doing well. I must admit I have no idea where they are going to school next year. I have spent so much time researching, praying, interviewing and asking questions my head could spin. I feel no closer to a decision than I did when I began. Private, public or home school, those are the choices I am considering.

Luke has been having some major appointments at OHSU Casey Eye Institute. They are concerned that he has childhood onset glaucoma. He is labeled right now as "suspicious of glaucoma". His big test on June 30 will give us a clearer picture of his eye pressures over a period of a day. He is such a trooper though. I was so proud of him at his last appointment. I don't think I could of done as well as he did. Very proud mama here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is for you Aunt Katie

I was really missing my dad today. It is difficult sometimes, more difficult than I thought to have a baby and not have my dad here to meet her. I have also been really missing my family, especially my little bro and soon to be sis-in-law Katie. Even though we can't be there in person right now, I thought I would share a little moment of Isabella's day. We love you all! You will want to pause my music selection below to play the video.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

7 weeks Old

Bella is 7 weeks old now! She is doing some pretty amazing things like smiling and holding her head up for a few seconds at a time. She is spending more time awake and loves to just look at you. We all continue to be very in love with her. Bella is the most amazing gift and we love her so much.

Life has been pretty busy around here. Three kids is a lot to manage at times. I know that I have parented 3 kids before with foster care, but there is something different about a child that you know is yours and is not leaving. It is a new experience for us not to have caseworkers, visits and everything that comes a long with being a foster parent. It was so weird having her social security card and birth certificate just show up without jumping through all these major hoops just to get them.

I took Bella to get her pictures professionally taken today. She is not a fan! We got a couple of good shots but then she was finished. Poor baby. I won't have them back until the end of the month. I used JC Penny's and was pretty impressed for the price. Can't wait to share.

Father and Son Adventure

Mark and Luke went kayaking together yesterday. They really had a wonderful time. I wish I could have gone with them, but alas...I am still recovering from the birth of Bella. They went with a group from our church. Luke had a blast and from what I heard always wanted to be the kayak in the lead. He is wanting to be first all the time these days. They kayaked for a while and then had their lunch on a large sandbar with some awesome huge pieces of driftwood. It was a beautiful day for the outing too. Here are a couple of pictures.

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