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Sunday, September 13, 2009

10 week Little Bean Update

Difficult for me to believe that I have made it to 10 weeks. It has been a rough road in some parts. Not because anything has gone wrong, but when you live through 3 miscarriages, worry, fear and doubt creep into your mind. I am also at the point where I have now carried the farthest of any of my pregnancies, so now I am uncharted territory.

The last couple of days I have been feeling pretty good. The intense nausea and fear to be far from a bathroom has gone. The heartburn has been a little better too. I hope the trend continues. I was able to have a wonderful Saturday with my mom. She invited me to have a pedicure with her, and then we had lunch at Beaches outside on the river. Finally we went down to the farmer's market and collected all sorts of fruits and veggies. It is the most I have done in the last 10 weeks. I told her a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't have done any of that.

Food is starting to taste good again. I am able to eat a wider variety of things instead of just toast and crackers. Water is tasting better too. It is amazing what our bodies to for the little bean with in.

I was able to hear the heartbeat tonight for the first time. It was 156 beats per minute. Mark and I rented a fetal Doppler. I have had it for a week or so. We thought we were hearing the heartbeat before, but it turned out to be uterine blood flow and my heartbeat. Finally, after realizing the mistake we found the little bean's heartbeat. It sounds like a galloping horse or a train. There is no mistaking it when you find it. I will also begin weaning myself off another medication. Yippee. We still appreciate all your prayers for this baby and my health. From the beginning of this pregnancy I have claimed a "text book" pregnancy. So far God has granted me what I asked including morning sickness and all. I also have my first doctor's appointment this week (well it is only with the nurse) and more blood work.

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Mount Belly Mama said...

I don't know if you plan to breastfeed or not, but do some research on breastfeeding with PCOs. When Mimi was born, my milk didn't come in for a week and even then, it was very low.

I found out later there was a lot I could have done to help. Let me know if you want more info. There's a really good book called "making more milk" that covers PCOs and breastfeeding.

Good luck!

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