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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Half Way There (20 weeks)

Boy or Girl??? That is the question. I can hardly wait to find out....and on Tuesday, November 24th we will know. My intuition tells me that it is a girl and Mark is thinking a boy...either way we will be happy. My mom is going to come to the ultrasound that will be fun. I would love the kids to be there but they don't allow children under 12 years old in the ultrasound room. Plus I can't imagine trying to keep them behaving while having the ultrasound.

I can't believe I half-way through. It seems like yesterday I found out. I am feeling the baby move around at times. And people defiantly notice that I am pregnant now. Certain things are getting more and more difficult for me to accomplish. This is truly a walk of faith. The baby within is a miracle (all babies are) but I was told that this baby would not come to be by a well respected and knowledgeable doctor. Fortunately...God is in control...not man.

As we enter this holiday season, I am so blessed by the gift God has given me. My heart is so full that no material gift could compare with His gift to us.

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