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Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Surprise Trip

It all started with this great idea and the intent to surprise our two little peanuts with a trip to "Great Wolf Lodge." They have been begging us to take them back. Fortunately, the two of them, with their great scheming abilities, came up with a plan to out do ours. They got together on the (DL) down low and schemed surprises for both mom and dad.

The parents' plans were going started with a special surprise breakfast of mini boxes of cereal. I remember as a kid, anytime we took a trip we got the mini boxes of cereal. Frosted flakes were my favorite. The kiddos loved the boxes of cereal since they were sugared (we only eat WIC cereals which you add your own sugar).

I managed to pack everything without them knowing...hehehe.... We were in the van and I handed the kids special envelopes. They opened the envelopes and there was a piece of paper that said "Surprise...We are going to Great Wolf Lodge" and then some pictures so that they would know. I got out the picnic lunch and settled back to enjoy the 1.5 hour trip to Grand Mound, Washington. I was relaxed and happy. They were thrilled with the "bacation" as Luke called it. Once I let my guard down the kids knew it was their signal to break out their own surprises.

An hour into the trip, I hear a tiny voice from the very back of the van say, "Mommy, I have paper in my ear." "You have what in your ear?" I asked. "Paper in my ear" she repeats. Fabulous. I scale into the back of the van which is really no problem after all our "bacations" to Disneyland. Yep..sure enough...paper in the ear. Mark pulled over the van where we attempted to pull the paper out with some tiny tweezers. No luck. I called her ENT, good ole Dr. Wilson, to see what we should do. Their reply, "Normally we would say leave it and we will get out when you get back, but since you are going to a water park better to have it checked out." Great. Centralia ER here we come. By now, I am not a very happy mommy and Luke sensing my frustration is nearly in tears saying "Grace, why did you do that. Why did you have to ruin my bacation."

We pull up to the Centralia ER and fortunately we didn't wait too long. It was wonderful recounting the events several times to many people. They finally call us back. All I am thinking about is I cannot believe this is happening. Grace thinks it is great and makes herself at home watching TV. Why not? This is after all her "bacation".

It takes nearly an hour to flush her ear out. They couldn't reach it with the scoop. Finally large amounts of paper come out. What kind of paper was it? Oh, only the envelope of my surprise note that I gave the kids. Fabulous. We are walking to the car and hear her little voice. She looks up at me and says, "Mommy, I have fun at hospital." Wonderful. At least the kids had a good time. After all they brought them Popsicles. Who wouldn't like the hospital?

Back on the road, nearly two hours later. We make it to the lodge and are starving. We go down to one the restaurants to eat. Luke is very excited and decides to inhale his hot dog. I almost had to do the Heimlich maneuver. I rushed him out of the restaurant because he is sobbing. It scared him very badly. By now I am exhausted and think what did I get myself into. But, I still went to the water park and the arcade. What good parents we are.

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