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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where did the 18 months go?

Miss Isabella Mary-Ann is 18 months today.  Makes me feel like crying :( Seriously, it seems like just yesterday she was born.  Sometimes I look back or I look at her and doesn't seem real that it really happened...that I REALLY had a baby!  What an incredible miracle she is.  She continues to challenge me in so many ways.  You think, since she is baby number 14 for me (yes...we have had 13 foster kids all aged 3 and under come through our home since 2004) that I would have it all figured out.  NOPE...not even close :)  Currently we are dealing with seperation anxiety (well she hasn't wanted to seperate from me since she was born).  She cries if someone looks at her wrong and she won't willingly go to a grandma (which really is difficult for me).  Despite that I am still leaving her once a week, and she is dealing with it ok.  She cries for 10 to 20 minutes and then she stops.  Her new favorite trick is screaming at the top of her lungs until someone gives her her way.  I find it difficult not to laugh at her, because she is so darn cute!  Not the best parenting technique.  I remember how hyper vigilant I was with Luke (him being my first) now I find myself laughing more and letting more things go (like yogurt messes because I am fostering her independence with the spoon, or letting her color with markers). 

So without further are her favorite things at 18 months:

Favorite words: Mama or MAAAA, dada, mimi, papa, g-g (grace), lu-lu (luke) baba (all the time), uh-oh, baby, ooooo (followed by) wow, meow, up, hot, please, (she makes the sound for dog), she signs "more" but it really can mean so many things like "please."  She also signs "water" which is kind of a game because you have to figure out if she wants to drink water, she hears water or she sees water.  She will sign the same for all 3.  Too funny.

Favorite Show: Still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I am trying to introduce her to some classics like Beverly Hills 90210, The Waltons, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, oh and we have watched the classic movie "Clueless" at least 3 times. 

Favorite Song: "If your happy and you know it," Patty-cake

Favorite Sporting Activity: Swimming lessons (although it is joke). Bella has a mind of her Bella decides what she is learning in swimming lessons.  :)  Also riding around the track in the gym while mom works out.  She loves entertaining the grandmas and grandpas at the gym. 

Sleeping Patterns:  She sleeps around 11 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap during the day.

Favorite Article of Clothing: Her shoes and any type of purse!  She is my girl!

Favorite Food:  The girl loves her some chocolate! mama.

Not sure how much she weighs and how long she is.  Going to have her well child check soon.  So very grateful for Isabella and the joy that she is to our family and the wonderful blessing she is from God.


Melissa J. said...

I know this might be a little personal. My husband and I are in the process of adoption with the state. I had a break down with the thought of having children come and go before we can adopt. How did you deal with the comings and goings of children in your home. I've been praying about it, but I'm still struggling with that thought. We are in our training right now, and it's helping. I'm also seeing this as a mission field for us if we do have children come and go. I just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much!

Carissa said...

Hi Melissa, glad you found my blog. I hope it can help you on your incredible journey to adoption through the state. When we first started our journey, it was an incredible leap of faith. I had just lost 2 babies to miscarriage and my dad passed away from cancer. I wanted to adopt internationally because I didn't want to risk losing another baby. My husband told me he felt that God was leading us to Luke through foster care. Luke needed a family. After much prayer I agreed. I can honestly say that the comings and goings are difficult. I knew we were in God's will and that HE would give me the strength no matter what the outcome was. My eyes were opened to all the children that needed a home. Our journey started out just wanting to adopt but we began foster care. We helped several children find their forever homes and adopted 2 ourselves.

No child ever left our home without me (us) crying. We attached to all of them and they need you to do that. I have a wall in my entry way and there is a picture that Thomas Kincade painted of the Disneyland Castle. I have the saying in vinyl over the picture that says "To all who come to this happy place...Welcome" and then under the picture I have all the children's names that have been in our home as a way to honor and remember them. I won't lie...the first time a child leaves is difficult and the second time is difficult, but the truth is there is always another little someone that God will bring to you. It is a HUGE mission field! It is our mission field. You have the opportunity to touch little peoples lives.

Please ask me anymore questions you have...I would be happy to respond.

You are so welcome!

Melissa J. said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts though this blog. It's a great encouragement to me!!

I know that I can rely on Christ to get me through the comings and goings of children, and I know He has someone special for us, and even excited with the thought of being able to help these children, for how ever long they are with us.

I love your idea with your Disneyland picture. It's a great reminder of those that have come to you and you have helped out. It's also a great reminder to pray for them..I definitely will do something like that.

Thank you again for your encouragement and even sharing that it is a difficult thing, but like you said there is always another little one that God will bring to us to love.

Thanks again,

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