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Friday, November 11, 2011

Black Belt Training

He's back.....and he's in black!!!! Luke has officially upgraded to "Black Belt Training."  After having about 2 months off, Mark and I noticed that Luke was more "bouncy" at home, and tending to be hyper more often.  I wondered if there was a connection between more hyperactivity and karate.  So I did what I always do....I Googled!  After several hours of extensive google research (insert a giggle here), I did find that YES there is a connection.  In fact, karate, or martial arts, is the number one activity for children who have ADHD.  They are more successful in martial arts, than say baseball.  Mainly because it requires them to focus and allows them channel their punching, kicking, and oh yes..yelling in a positive appropriate manner.  Swimming is also another great activity for children with ADHD.  The resistance of the water and full body involvement including sensory systems is an excellent activity for kiddos like Luke.  Baseball would be more difficult...per say...for Luke, because there is so much "down" time in the game.  I can see him out in left field day dreaming or doing his own thing only to miss the game.  Not to say we won't try, but there is a definite therapeutic benefit to Luke by participating in karate.  I told Mark that I want to approach karate like we approach therapy.  Because I honestly believe that is what it is for Luke.  It helps him to be calmer, motivated, greater self control and focus.  He also sleeps better.  Plus...his karate is sooooo positive.  They learn character traits and participate in character building activities.  The instructors are awesome and are super sensitive to Luke's special needs (as in ordering him a special helmet because of his microcephaly). 

So HE'S BACK!!! And LOVING being in the BLACK BELT TRAINING class.  We are proud Luke!!!!

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