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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost and Found

When we returned from Hawaii, we hit the ground running.  It was like a week of catch-up and Christmas traditions all rolled into one.  Luke had 3 appointments, I had 2, plus add in Christmas tree set up, lights-up, shopping, Christmas cards, karate get the idea....

Amidst all of the busyness...I LOST my WEDDING RING!!!!!  I was devastated...silly I know.  A ring is just a thing, but the symbolization to me was so much more.  We were very young when we got married.  I was 19 and he was 20.  A few years ago...Mark bought me my DREAM ring.  It was a total surprise.  It is absolutely PERFECT to me.  Losing it and the thought of never seeing it again was enough to almost send me over the edge.  I laid on my bedroom floor and sobbed.  We tore the house apart, re-arranged the bedroom, I went through the outside garbage can with gloves on twice, Mark took apart the vacuum, I disconnected the pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, cleaned out the junk drawer, under the stove and refrigerator....the ring was NO WHERE to be found.  Last night I was gathering up my mentoring paper work to turn in today and I saw my Maui guides and magazines from our trip.  I decided to look through them and there in between 2 magazines was my beautiful, PERFECT ring!!!! I did the happy dance and squealed with delight.  After 5 long days, my ring is now on my finger, and Mark will be calling our insurance agent to add this piece of jewelery to our home owners policy. 

I couldn't help but be reminded about the parable in the bible about the women who loses a silver coin.  She lights a lamp and searches carefully until she finds it.  And when she finally finds she calls all her neighbors and shares her good news and says rejoice with me because what was lost was now found.  I tell you that is exactly how I felt.  I texted my mom and friends even though it was late.  My ring was lost and now it was found!!! I love how the parable talks about how there is rejoicing in the presence of angels and God when ONE person repents.  I can't imagine what it is like to rejoice with angels, but I was sure rejoicing over my found ring.  It makes you stop and think about the fact that God cares about things that are seemingly small.  How does my lost ring really rate in the whole scheme of things. But I know I serve a God that cares to know how many hairs are on my head and the things that make me sad and how many tears I cry.  I am thankful that He hears my prayers even when they are over a hunk of metal, and that He gives guidance to me, peace and comfort. 

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