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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Big Birthday Bash!!!

This past weekend we had our big birthday bash!  I offered to let the kids have their "own" birthday party this year, but they insisted that they have their birthdays "together".  They each picked a theme...Grace...Tangled and Luke...Batman. Wow!!! Finding everything and marrying their themes together was a lot more difficult than I thought.  But I was really happy with their party (and so were they).  I spent 6 weeks planning every detail of the party and it was really fun!  I think I would enjoy planning parties for a job.

Every time Luke or Grace's birthdays come, I remember a time when I thought I wouldn't have any children to celebrate birthdays with.  I am so thankful and blessed that God gave me my wonderful, beautiful children that I can plan birthday parties for!  So....are you ready for some pictures!!!! Thank you to my mom who snapped most of these pictures while I organized and instructed.

 This is the door that greeted our "guests".  It was Rapunzel's hair and Batman symbols that welcomed.

I created a take-home treat bucket for each of the kiddos that helped celebrate and one for each of the birthday kids too.  I ordered vinyl for each name and the batman symbol.  I decorated water bottles with the batman theme.  I found batman themed color books at Target, batman pez at the dollar store, and other batman items including bracelets, band-aids and crayons.

These were the girls take-home treat buckets.  Tangled themed of course.  I decorated water bottles in the tangled theme.  They had Rapunzel paints, princess pez, pencils, princess band-aids and other fun stuff!
I was able to borrow tables and chairs from our church, which worked out perfectly.  One table was Batman and the other Tangled (of course).

This was Grace's Tangled Cake.  I ordered them this year and it was a nice break from making them.

Here was Luke's Batman cake.  This was a very difficult cake to find as they don't have very many Batman party supplies anymore.

This was the yummy food table.  The Jello boats were a BIG hit!

I made these little peg people in the characters of Rapunzel and Batman.  They were guarding the skittles!

These Hersey Kisses labels were a fun find!  They had them in all the superheros.  They said "Happy 9th Birthday Luke!" 

These were the Tangled themed ones that I ordered for Grace.  They said "Happy 7th Birthday Grace".  Too cute!

Mr. L...our big 9 year old!

Miss Rapunzel.  Our big 7 year old!  The kids helped me braid Rapunzel's hair.  Grace then helped me make the purple flower hair clips.  I did draw the tower with Rapunzel. 
Of course we needed a picture with Miss B.  She had cute little piggy tails in for the party!

Luke thinking about his wish before he blows the candles out.

The kids were making crafts out in the garage.  Girls were making tiaras and the boys were painting batman pictures.
Kids playing pin the symbol on Batman and pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider.
We also got a pull string pinata for the kids.
Opening presents.....

The big hit of the party for Grace...The Rapunzel wedding gown from the Disney Store.  Thank you Uncle D and Aunt Katie.
Grace waiting to blow out her candles!

I have since recovered from the party festivities.  We are planning a small party for Bella at the end of the month.  She isn't into lots of people, so small is the best plan for her.  :)

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