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Monday, April 9, 2012

My ADHD Wish List

I am back after a bit of a blogging break.  Last week was spring break, so we were busy with lots of fun kiddo activities (more to come with pictures on another post) same with Easter fun.  I just wanted to take this post to focus on a subject that has occupied most of my thinking as of lately. 

Before the break I received the kids report cards.  For the most part they were really great and the kids are doing awesome, but to say that everything with Luke is "rainbows and lollipops" would be a lie.  TRUTH...he is home, at school, in life.  I have tried to take the laid back approach and wait for some of the issues to pass, but they haven't.  Sometimes it is best to face a problem "head on" instead of sitting on the sidelines.  With him it really is my motto to face things right away.  So over my last couple of weeks of Internet research I have composed a list of my favorite things that "if I had a bazillion dollars" would buy for him. 

ADHD  likes to co-exist with other disorders like Tourettes, OCD and ODD.  Luke has confirmed Tourettes as well as ADHD along with sensory, visual and auditory processing disorders.   I have noticed he is ticking more these days.  The tics always change and there is NOTHING we can do for him except let him tic.  You can't tell him to stop because kids who try and suppress tics often just "tic more".  I want so much for Luke...I want life to be easier for him.  I want kids to stop starring at him, or Luke to know appropriate social boundaries, instead of invading other's space. I want him to take more responsibility and to not argue as much.

So here it dream list of ADHD helps for Luke....while they won't "cure" him, they would help make our lives better....

Sens-ational Hug Tee, Long Sleeves, Motorcycle Graphic
This compression shirt would help "ground" him and it feels as if you are getting a "hug".  The gentle pressure will help calm him.  Sometimes when Luke is all over...I gently press on his shoulders.  He always stops and sighs.  He loves pressure!  They make a whole line of children's compression clothing.
Weighted Hat / Cap for Sensory Processing Therapy
This hat would act the same way has the shirt. 

Weighted Vest (Blue)
This weighted vest would provide sensory input allowing him to calm his body.

Blanket Bundle
I would so LOVE a blanket like this for Luke.  No matter the temperature he always asks me for all his blankets put on him in a certain order.  The pressure/weight has the calming effect.

Joki Hanging Crow's Nest
If I only had a swing.....such and incredible therapeutic tool.  Swings are amazing.  How wonderful it would be to swing anytime of year and even on rainy days.  Did I mention we are turning our front room into a therapy room....more to come on that too.
Therapy Putty 4 oz.
Theraputty...a great hand strengthening tool for my little buddy who needs the extra input and work.

Short Reach Slant Board
Slant we could use you...ALL.THE.TIME.  Handwriting is such a chore for my little guy.  How great it would be for him to use this tool.

Well... there you have it. A few of my favorite ADHD helps.  :)

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