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Monday, July 9, 2012


At the end of June, Auntie Katie and Uncle D came for a much anticipated visit!  To say my children were excited would be an understatement....they were THRILLED!!!  Grace couldn't even sleep the night before they were set to arrive.  I think she finally drifted off around 11pm.  We picked them up at the airport and the fun began!!  We drove right to mom's work and she showed everyone around her office.  Then we picked up Subway and walked to the river.  It was a beautiful day!

 The next day we met up with Aunt Katie and Uncle D for some bowling and arcade games at Big Al's!  Luke and Grace LOVE to go bowling.  They had so much fun.  Miss B...not so much.  She is in the "I scared..." and insert anything after and she is pretty much scared of it. 
 Miss B did however enjoy Auntie Katie's phone with all the cool movies and shows.  Uncle D enjoyed them too :)
 (Bonding over the movie).  We then went out to dinner at Red Robin and finally we went to see Brave.  The kids were over the moon happy.  Miss B lasted 30 minutes into the movie and was done.  I took her out to the van where she passed out.  The kids came home and feel right to sleep.  So much fun for 1 day!
 On Sunday we went to Oak's Park.  It is the cutest little theme park (if you can call it that).  Uncle D bought the kids some ride tickets and everyone a round of miniature golf (including Bella).
Luke and Grace enjoyed the slide and we all took a ride on the little train.

 Miniature golfing was lots of fun...even for the 2 year old!  I love the salt water sandal picture! 
 Uncle D and Aunt Katie were competing to see who would be the best golfer.  I think Uncle D won by 2 points.  I love the picture with the river in the background.
 Golfing with 3 kids is CRAZY!
Aunt Katie and Grace enjoyed a ride on the tilt-a-whirl while Uncle D and Luke played at the shooting gallery. 

After our time at Oaks Park, we went back to Mimi and Papa's for a BBQ.  It was so nice to have dinner together as a family.  I so miss them around the holidays.  Aunt Katie brought some special prizes for the girls.  She brought Grace one of her favorite tu-tu's from when she was in ballet and brought Bella all of her childhood My Little Ponies in a cute Ariel suitcase.  Those ponies have been so played with the last couple of weeks.  It was incredibly thoughtful and those things will be treasured.  Luke was given a Nerf gun (which is perfect for him).  He spent the evening seeing what things the Nerf darts would stick to. :) Love him!

Thank you Aunt Katie and Uncle D for the great memories and for coming to visit.  We look forward to visiting you in a couple of weeks!  Love you both!

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