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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Sometimes it feels like all I do is fight.  Fighting for Luke's needs to met in the classroom, fighting to make sure he has the meds he needs, fighting to make certain he experiences success, and me fighting against the insurance companies right now.  Ugh.  I hate that one little phone call from Luke's occupational therapy center can send my head spinning and my stomach turning.  I wish I did a better job of just not worrying about things.  Last Wednesday, after making sure the new referral for therapy was sent over from his primary care (so he could continue), they called to say that Luke's 30 annual visits for OT were expiring and that he had met his yearly max.  He has secondary insurance, but they went on to say that it has only been covering half of all clients lately and that we were "ultimately responsible" for paying for therapy sessions if they were no covered by anyone.  GREAT!  Like we have 350.00 per session just sitting around. 

Conversations like those leave me feeling 2 ways. First...upset that Luke would have to miss therapy because apparently having 2 health insurances are NOT enough.  And makes me angry!  Angry that we are once again fighting tooth and nail for what Luke needs and deserves!   I work really hard to make sure that little boy gets what he needs.  I made a promise to get him the best medical care and I have full intentions of keeping my promise! 

After 2 phone calls and countless conversations, I was able to work it out with our primary insurance.  Pending their approval, they will accept or reject our petition for more therapy sessions. 

I was talking to Mark about how it is scary to think about a world that wouldn't include therapy for Luke. Not only does Luke count on the therapists in his life, I have come to rely on the support I receive that offer me an outlet (be that a minute or two) to discuss any questions or help.  I have realized I have come to count on "village" to help meet all of Luke's needs.  When and insurance company threatens to take that becomes personal! 

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