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Monday, February 25, 2013


Our adventures in homeschooling are off to a good start.  Grace started at Evergreen Flex Academy.  She is in a 2nd/3rd grade class Monday and Tuesday mornings.  She felt a bit nervous today but was a trooper.  Her teacher Mrs. L placed her in a table group with some cute girls.  A sweet little boy came up to her and gave her a picture to welcome her to class.  She liked feeling welcome.  This afternoon she pulled out her front tooth.  I am so happy as it has been dangling in her mouth for days, but she wouldn't let anyone touch it.  I told her to "be brave".  I was proud she finally did it!

In addition to the two days she attends Evergreen Flex, she will be progressing through a curriculum chosen by the district.  I have tried to embrace this process with an open mind, and part of this process is using the curriculum that the district provides.  The curriculum is called K12.  As an educator and a busy mom, I am happy to report that so far I really love this curriculum.  It is online based, but there are books, manipulatives, readers and all sorts of fun things that are coming to our home soon.  In fact I was incredibly excited to see Handwriting Without Tears (my favorite handwriting program) on the list of things coming in a big box to our home.  Originally it was on my list of things to get for Grace, and I was happy to cross it out and even happier when I didn't have to pay for it!  All of this curriculum is being provided for free by the school district.  I will be excited for the boxes to arrive.  Grace and I are tracking the shipment.  In addition the lessons are colorful, she works both on the computer and in workbooks.  The program also keeps track of attendance and when lessons are completed time is automatically added to her attendance bank. 

Grace seems to be happier settling into her new schedule and routine.  We were able to make cookies and do some fun activities.  We recently renewed our zoo pass and I hear there is new aquarium in Portland that I would like to take the kids too.  I feel really blessed today!

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