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Monday, April 29, 2013

Experiencing the Food of Hawaii!!!

When I sat down to write this post on all the different food experiences we had in Hawaii, I laughed when I realized how many food pictures I took :) Normally, I don't take food pictures but mom and I had a little too much fun.  We had quite a variety of food during our short stay.  Here are a few pictures to share.
This was at the Honolulu Coffee Company right after we arrived at our hotel in Oahu.  We stayed at the Waikiki on the Beach Marriott Resort and Spa.  Their iced tea is my all time FAVORITE!

We were feeling a little crazy since it was 7pm Hawaii time and 10pm our time.  Our first dinner was at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

The next day we headed over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and I surprised mom with a night's stay at that resort.  We even got upgraded to the Rainbow Tower overlooking the saltwater lagoon.  We had lunch at the Tropics Bar and Grill which is the restaurant that is famous for hosting various Hawaii 5-0 episodes. 

My mom introduced me to this amazing capresse salad!  Ummm...yummy doesn't even begin to describe this tasty treat.  Pesto, cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil to top.  I could have just eaten the salad.
This was my lunch at the Tropics Bar and Grill.  It was a pulled pork sandwich with homemade potato chips.

That night for dinner we ventured to eat Japanese at Benihana.  It was an amazing dinner and mom and I were the only ones at a table for 8!  The chef was hysterical and also really great at making my heart skip a beat with his "tricks".  They came around to our table to take pictures and I couldn't resist buying this one to remember the fun night out we had.

The next morning for breakfast we headed back to the Tropics to eat.  Mom had her favorite mac nut pancakes.  I had bacon and eggs.

We took a cab back to our original hotel and promptly busied ourselves by laying out by the pool for hours.  We finally decided it was time for lunch and walked 50 feet to the poolside restaurant.  We had fish tacos which were incredible. 

Fruity drinks poolside were a must.  This was called a lava flow :)
We had dinner that night a little adorable outside Italian restaurant.  We watched people walk by on the streets.  The service and the food was amazing.  We started with another capresse salad and then I had a pizza and mom had this amazing mushroom pasta dish.  We finished in time to watch the sunset on Waikiki beach.

The next morning I got up early and took a walk along the beach and ended up at the Honolulu Coffee Company and ordered myself a Nutty Hawaiian Latte.  They always make fun shapes in the coffee.  This one was a heart.  In Maui they are pretty good at making a palm leaf shape too.

On Thursday we took a drive up to the North Shore.  We stopped at the dueling shrimp trucks.  They have all these shrimp beds lining the roads up towards the north shore.  I had never eaten at a shrimp truck before but this was AMAZING! 

We stopped at the Turtle Bay Resort for lunch.  Seriously....look at the tables right on the sand in the beach!  This stuff really does exist!  It was an amazing view and reminiscing about all the times we had stayed at that resort in the past.

I got my Hawaiian shaved ice!  Enough said!

Our Aloha dinner was at Duke's.  So many great memories at Duke's.  Mark LOVES Duke's and it was one of my Dad's favorite places.  It felt good being back. 

Before heading to the airport, we had macadamia nut pancakes one more time...oh ya and some bacon.  I heart bacon. :)

Even at the airport, waiting to go home, we continued to be impressed with the food!  Chicken skewers anyone????

I can't believe how fast the week flew by and how much food we ate! It was so fun to eat all this food and not have to cut anything up, clean anyone up or leave my food to take care of someone.  I love my babies but after nearly 4 years of not having a break for myself....I enjoyed EVERY minute.  I was so happy to hug their little bodies when I got back.  We hit the ground running with baseball and bowling.  This trip was truly a blessing.  Here's to 6 more months and then a family vacation to Maui!  Mahalo!

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