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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's Therapy Tool: Weighted Compression Vest

For the next couple of months, on Thursdays, I would like to feature a therapy "tool" or activity we use in our home.  I know I have several readers of this blog that have kiddos with special needs or sensory needs just like mine.  Being a special needs mom and special educator, I thought I might dedicate Thursdays to blogging about some therapy "helps".
The first "tool" I would like to share about is Luke's "Weighted Compression Vest."  In the past we have used the weighted vest and compression shirts separately.  The weighted vest is grounding, while the compression shirt provides tight continuous pressure over his torso.  The "Weighted Vest" is an awesome combination of both the weights and pressure. 

This vest was generously given to us by an anonymous donor through Luke's occupational therapy center.  A grant was written by Luke's therapist and we were approved.  It was purchased through Fun and Function.  This is what Fun and Function wrote on their website to describe above vest:
"Our weighted compression vest is made to calm and provide steady pressure so your kids can focus and learn. Combined pressure and side weights function as a reassuring deep hug. Made of neoprene, the vests are designed for comfort with soft mesh material on the sides to increase air flow and overall comfort. Hook and loop closures on the sides allow for maximum comfort, easy sizing, and quick removal.

Weights are safely positioned in pockets inside the vest and can be added or removed. Vests include two 1/2 pound weights and four 1/4 pound weights for a total of 2 pounds (Except for xx-small which contains 4 1/4 pound weights.)
Additional weights available- 1/2 lb weights fits all sizes and 1 lb weights fits sizes M-XL. Machine washable in cold water when weights are removed." 
Here is what the individual weights look like that are enclosed in pockets on the inside of the vest.  The weights are distributed evenly.

Here is the back view of Luke's Weighted Compression Vest.  It's hook and loop closures allow us to get the vest as tight as he wants it.  Luke is known to seek out this vest when his body is feeling out of control.  This last weekend for example, he was having a difficult time regulating his body and he went and grabbed the vest and put it on.  When he felt better, he removed it.  I have seen him do this numerous times.
Here is mister man happy in his vest!  We ordered the small.  Note that the vests run big and I recommend measuring the torso to find the exact fit.  This vest costs 52.99 and can be ordered by clicking here (Fun and Function's website).  We are so appreciative of the donor that allowed us to use this vest.  I highly recommend this product because of the combination of weight and pressure.  It also can be worn under clothes and not be too noticeable.   

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