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Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Game Day!

Today has been a rough day with the kids...nothing out of the ordinary, but just meltdowns, sensory issues, tantrums and potty accidents on the carpet and bathroom floor.  Just an exhausting day where patience is in short supply, kiddos are very needy and I feel there is NOT enough of me to go around.  But...I know not all days are like this, and tomorrow will be another day to fill up my little sponges that listen and watch everything that I do.

So today (in the midst of rough one), I wanted to share about a good/fun day I recently had with all three of the kids.


Last Saturday I knew Mark would be busy at the church interviewing two pastoral candidates, so I planned a fun, busy day with kids.  It started as "Game Day" at the baseball fields where Luke played on his team "The Red Sox".  Luke plays with the Miracle Team Baseball League.  It is a league designed so that special needs kids can play baseball without all the rules, outs and normal parameters of baseball.  Everyone bats, no one gets out, everyone runs all the bases.   It is an amazing program and has done incredible things for Luke and his love of baseball and playing sports.

You can read all about Luke's very first experience playing miracle league baseball here !  I was doing the big ugly mama cry at that first game!  The Miracle league baseball experience and the people have blessed me incredibly.
Luke loves to play EVERY position on the field (sometimes in the same inning)!  But it's all good :)  No one minds.  Here he was playing third base before switching over to short stop, second base and trying to talk his way into pitching a few balls!  
Here is my sweet Grace at the baseball field.  She has made several little friends and keeps herself busy picking flowers and entertaining Bella.

After the game we headed to downtown Vancouver to what my kids call "The BIG Library"!  They have fun things to play in and around.  Luke even ran into a friend from his class.
Grace was excited because she signed up and got her very OWN library card.  They all checked out books and DVDs and signed up for the summer reading program.

We headed to the Farmer's Market next for some fresh fruits and veggies and a little plate lunch we enjoyed in the park.  It was a beautiful day!

Finally I surprised the kids with a trip to the movies!  Not only was it a trip to the movies but a trip to a really fun old movie theater called Kiggins.  I remember watching movies here as a little girl.  The movie theater is in downtown Vancouver and right across the street from where Luke and Grace have their counseling appointments.  

We watched the movie the Croods.  It was a super cute movie about not letting fear keep you from living life and enjoying and loving the ones around us.  We were one of two families in the theater.  The kids picked out seats and they enjoyed popcorn and sprite.  Bella even sat through her first movie.  Well...she sat on me but she enjoyed it and watched the entire movie and I didn't need to take her out.  It was a win-win! 

Shortly after we met Mark at our favorite restaurant "The Original Taco House" and ate outside.  It was a perfect ending to a fun great day.  The kids were really well behaved and kind to each other.  I felt really blessed to spend a fun kids day with them :)  I love my babies!!!

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