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Monday, August 19, 2013

My School Girl

It's been a long journey and much prayer...but even in the midst of my unbelief and lack of faith at times, my hopes and dreams for Grace regarding school have become a reality.  It is no surprise to know that Grace struggled and I mean "struggled" with school last year. Last February we began piecing together the puzzle of some of her symptoms and anxieties.  We home schooled her for the last semester and we went to doctors and therapists, specialists and she had specialized testing. We crossed through the valley, and have come up on the other side.  She is stronger, healthier and ready to return to the classroom come September 5th. Grace will begin a new chapter in her schooling at a private school called Camas Christian Academy.
I have wished this for Grace for a VERY long time, but money being tight I had "let go" of the dream that this could be an option for her.  You see to make this dream a reality...this mama...will be teaching part-time morning kindergarten at Camas Christian Academy this year (housed in Grace Foursquare Church).  I wasn't looking for this job, but it found me.  I could go on and on about how many amazing things have happened and what confirmation I have had regarding this opportunity, but mostly...I am just happy for this little girl!  When she heard I got the job, she yelled "YES! I get to go to school there!"  And knowing Grace and what she has been through...that!  
In case you hadn't noticed by the pictures they wear uniforms at this school (perfect for her OCD mind). She absolutely knows what to expect and finds peace in that.  I personally think she should be the newest Land's End model!  Her anxiety is lessened by the fact she doesn't have to ride the bus and she knows mama will be at school with her till noon.  *She has had tremendous anxiety since the shootings at Clackamas Town Center and the shootings at the school in December.  She will often bring it up those events out of the blue and worry about Mark or I if we are in a store too long.  We love on her, and let her talk and reassure her things are just fine.  But, I think God knew exactly what she needed in terms of her school and met her need, and in turn met my needs too.  :)  Feeling VERY blessed!   


Jolene Nelson said...

Oh so happy for you and Grace. Praise God!

Jolene Nelson said...
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