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Thursday, September 19, 2013

"S" to-the-"I" to-the-"C" to-the-"K"!!!

So...we've been sick!  As in all 5 of us S-I-C-K!  Like middle of the winter sick.  In fact... in a span of three weeks we have all been on antibiotics.  There have been ear infections, sinus infections, croup, upper respiratory infections and bronchitis.  Fun times here!  Don't you wish your family was blessed with all this sickness?  No..I's been horrible and I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
I'm still coughing...good times.  Bella is still coughing....Mark's ear is still bugging him, but we press on.
Out of all of us though...Bella has been the most sick.  She is the one that scared me, ER visit, and two weeks later double ear infections. 
She spent about a week sleeping at the foot of our bed just so I could hear her.  Poor baby.
Luke seems to have made his full recovery.  Going a zillion miles a minute and "crashing" at night to sleep.  He has a very nice teacher this year and I feel we are blessed.  She moved up from 3rd grade this past year, but really seems to know how to connect with 5th graders...seriously how can he be in 5th grade :(
Grace is doing well too!  She loves school and there is nothing greater than being able to check on her, hug her and talk to her throughout the day.  She loves helping me set up my classroom in the morning.
I missed the 3rd day of school....seriously...I hated every minute of it, but my temperature was 102 degrees...what can you do?
This last picture is just for fun.  Last week when I was so sick and didn't do ANYTHING (dishes, laundry, etc...) the kids took advantage and messes like this greeted me when I finally emerged from our bedroom. Oh play-doh how I have a love/hate relationship with you.  So beneficial but so messy and potential for destruction of carpet is very HIGH!

Can't wait to post when we are finally healthy and well.  That's all from the Dahl House!!! Peace Out! :)

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