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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Welcome Back

It has been well over a month since the last time anything was written on this blog.  It hasn't been for a lack of events, celebrations or struggles, but merely a lack of time.  March was a CRAZY month full of three birthdays for my kids, plus other birthday parties, a school auction, report card writing, the conclusion of our remodel (another post to share), a new pet, some respite foster care and the beginnings of spring break.
My babies are all officially a year older.  11, 9 and 4 and I find myself marveling at how quickly time passes by.
We celebrated all three birthdays together at Big Al's Bowling Alley.  I must say I enjoyed how easy the party was, attention to detail and service.  And the BIG plus was that I did not have to clean before or after!
I have been really happy these past couple months.  I have found joy in the small things (sunshine on my face, the smell of freshly cut grass (SPRING), my job, my husband, good friends).  
I have even been challenged to "let go" of some things...some things that needed to drift off for awhile...perhaps returning at a different time.  I sometimes feel scared to let things go.  I worry if I have made the right choice, and often second guess myself.  However, this time I have found a new freedom in not feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  It has opened some more time to enjoy the things right before me (my children).
During the last month, Grace has started piano lessons and enjoys singing and music, and Luke is gearing up for his third season of Columbia River Miracle League baseball.  If you ever want to see a is amazing...I dare you to come and NOT cry...please contact me and I can give you the baseball schedule.  You can read about MY first experience with Miracle League here....Luke's Baseball

Bella is doing well.  She is the "number 4" now.  If you spend time with her she will probably ask you, "what's your number?" Meaning "how old are you?"  Our family has been mostly healthy since Christmas.  Bella still struggles with a croupy cough every once in awhile but I have found that doterra's oil blend called "Breathe" really helps calm her cough and airway.  I also run an ultra sonic humidifier in her room each night.  She is the owner of the "frog" shown below.

There is really so much more to say and I have started some work on some more posts.  But I am here...really I is is full. I am blessed!

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