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Monday, July 31, 2017

4th of July Fun!

So I am almost a month late in posting the fourth of July Pictures!  But I promised myself I would post them to my blog during the month of July!  Today is the 31st...No rush right.  What a fantastic party we had!  It was by far the biggest party we had and I loved every minute of it. 
We have been hosting 4th of July since 2008!  Almost a decade.  Crazy.  Each year it is a tradition that I buy a piñata for the kids to destroy.  As the kiddos have grown bigger, it has become a challenge to find a piñata that will at least allow the kids to each have a turn.  This year's piñata did NOT disappoint!  The cheeseburger piñata held up to many rounds of each kiddo getting a turn hitting it.  Looking for a great piñata... you can find this one at Target for 14.99.  :)

Even the babies got in on the fun!
The piñata line grew this year.  The kids line up youngest to oldest.  Except Matthew was more interested in my cup than hitting the piñata. 

Friends and Family
Fun with water!
300 water balloon!


B in Grace's dress from years past.

He wasn't scared of the fireworks during the day...but his little nerves couldn't handle it at night when they were all going off at the same time.
Firework time!

She held a sparkler!  She hasn't had anything to do with fireworks since the "incident" of 2014!  Way to be brave B!
I was exhausted when it was over...but it was a good exhausted.  I have been reminded over and over these past couple of months how wonderful it is to have family and friends that are there for you when you need someone to hold you up.  I've also been reminded that God is good.  I look around at the blessings God has given our family and I see God's goodness.  I look at the challenges we face daily, and some of our darker moments this year (skin cancer) and I still see God's goodness.  Him alerting me to something that needed medical attention, strength to advocate for my kids, faith to face the "what if's" and to continue on with the realities of the unknown.  In all of the good, and the mess (and my life is messy) all of it...God still remains good.  He is unchanging.  His faithfulness unwavering.  And.I.Need.Him.  I watched littles hold hands, wave sparklers, eat candy, wear glow sticks, and I sat back holding my son reminded of this one precious life, and the goodness of the One who created it. We really are the luckiest.  What a privilege to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  So on July 4th we celebrated, not only our country's freedom, the gift of family and friends and God's goodness. 

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