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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Luke's teacher/Job Update

It was an insane week last week with my job. I learned a lot about government and politics. I wasn't too happy about it either. Nothing is ever about the kids, but about making sure the school district doesn't get sued. Honestly I am quite disappointed with my job. It was nothing like I thought it would be. It is more about paperwork than kids. The kids are wonderful but very challenging. They should be the top priority in the district but they are not (their paperwork is). The teacher before me did nothing with the kids and never collected any data. I had to write two IEP's and hold meetings on kids I didn't even know. By the skin of my teeth I pulled it off, but I am sure my blood presure was up last week. But I am only signed to be employed through June 18 and then I am done. I won't be returning. I plan on stealing as many good ideas and resources that I can for my files.

As if the stress of last week wasn't enough, I had a call from Luke's teacher about his placement next year for kindergarten. She is considering wanting to put him in a developmental kindergarten. I couldn't believe what I was hearing because Luke has the skills and cognitive ability to be in regular ed, but not the attention span (which I agree). What I don't understand and don't agree with is why placing him in a self-contained classroom would benefit him at all. I also don't think regular kindergarten will work either. His lack of attention and 25 kids to one teacher will lead to behavior problems. So, it looks like I am going to be his teacher next year. I thought about private school, but most of the teachers will not have the education that I have and I would be having to tutor him too. So, I am going to school him at home with socialization built into his school day (sports, playgroups, homeschool resources, swimming, etc.) Mark and I have been talking, and he is going to build me a school room in our garage. It won't be through the whole garage but through about 1/3. He is going to put in a window too. I am excited at this prospect. So we will see.

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