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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Human Pin Cushion

Ok. I was naive. I thought I had experienced enough of white coat lab workers drawing my blood in the past, that running a few tests wouldn't be a big deal. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. After a phone conference with Dr. Patton we are running some more test. I went in last week to begin. I should have known something was going on when she had all these tubes on a tray. Great. How many tubes well 8 to start with. I have never had that much blood taken at one time. I have never had any problems with them taking my blood; however, this time was a little different. After about tube 6 I started to get light headed and the room began to spin. Stars starting appearing infront of my eyes. Great. I thought for sure I was going to pass out. I fought it and was ok. Although they made me sit there for quite awhile before they wanted me to get up. I went back yesterday for the rest of the tests. If they had taken all of them at one time that would have been 11 tubes of blood. I would have passed out for certain.

What are they testing for....fertility things. In all honesty, I really can't tell you for sure. They ran a lupus pannel to let them know all sorts of things from a blood clotting disorder to an autoimmune disorder. They ran glucose and prolactin. So far all the test results I have received are normal. That is good. Still waiting on some more results to come back. My right arm may be badly bruised, but not my spirit.


Sarah said...

I too have been a human pin cushion!!! It is no fun!!! I feel your pain!!! I hope you get the results soon!!

Carissa said...

Yes, I did get the results. Everything is normal. They want to put me on a medication, but in order to start they want to run two more labs. I couldn't believe I am going to have to go through more testing!!!!!

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