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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who wouldn't want another one of these?

I have been working on some things for our wedding/vow renewal and I came across this picture. This was two weeks after Grace was placed. This is one of my very favorite pictures. It is no big surprise to anyone that I have been bitten by the baby bug once again. I love kids! It has been nearly 3 years since we welcomed Grace home. I am just trusting God for the answer to the promise for a third child. We added ourselves to the waiting list for a foster/adopt placement and most of my family knows that I am undergoing infertility treatments (well the testing to begin the infertility treatments). Did I mention that I had to go back to the lab again for another set of blood word? Yes, after my last post I got another call that they wanted just two more things. So in my quest to find answers that is 5 lab visits and blood draws.

My family is well. My kids are happy. I had my first parent teacher conference where I was the parent and not the teacher. I was pleased. To a normal person glancing at my son's report card they would see a very low student, but to me it is the best report card in the world. He may be low, but you don't know where he has come from. To go from special education preschool to being able to keep up with private school curriculum and kids. . . I am so proud of you Luke!!!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

I hear you about the report card. Alvin got his first report card from middle school, and his GPA was 2.44. Not great, but from where he started it's awesome. Luke's so lucky to have you for parents.

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