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Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July Cuties!!!!

For the first time in our married life (11 years), I spent the 4th of July without Mark :( He had to work. The weather was cold...and I was recovering from a migraine the previous day. It just wasn't my day. I did try and put on a brave face for the kids, let them stay up late and watch fireworks, give them little trinkets (glow sticks and red, white and blue necklaces), and some fun water activities, but for the most part I felt like crying. It just wasn't the same. Luke and Grace were very brave regarding the fireworks and Bella didn't seem to worried by the loud noises. Although shooting fireworks is every mom's worst nightmare. I find myself constantly trying to find a balance between letting them experience the activities and praying under my breath that no one blows up their face, or arm or any body part for that matter. I was happy when they were all tucked in bed with their glow sticks shining under their sheets and even happier that my husband came home from work early so we could sit in the living room and enjoy the "war zone" (as we have labeled it) together.


Sarah Rufener said...
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Sarah Rufener said...

Cute kids!!! I can't wait until September!!

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