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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have been a really horrible blogger lately. The holidays and sickness have kept me fairly busy...but let us back track to November and HAWAII...

We had the most wonderful time in Hawaii (Maui). The kids were so good and such good travelers. They were happy on our long 6 hour flight as long as they were eating or watching movies. The little miss did great. She slept and played a bit. Between Miss B and Grace I must have made 10 trips to the little tiny airplane bathrooms. Fun! It was funny because when we boarded the plane in Portland the flight attendants wanted to make sure that everyone knows where they are going on the plane. Isabella was a lap infant so they wanted to check that. I said yes she is lap infant and the flight attendant said, "good luck." I thought that was really positive. We didn't need much luck because Bella was such a good traveler.

Miss G and I cruising at 39,000 ft.

Dad, Miss B and Mr. L on the way to the Island.

The beach right in front of our condo.

My kids playing in the ocean while the sunsets. Incredible!

This was their favorite activity to do on the entire trip.

Mimi and Luke

The crazy faces of Miss B.

2nd Breakfast at Mimi's condo.

The 3 munchkins!

Aloha Mixed Plate. YUMMY!!

Maui Ocean Center

Our Favorite Restaurant Ever!

I can't believe this long anticipated trip is over and has been over for several months. It was everything that we hoped it would be and more. We have plans to return next November and stay a little longer. It was amazing and we felt so blessed as a family to be able to take this trip together.


joykos said...

That face Miss B is making is just about the cutest thing ever!

Sarah Rufener said...

I can't wait for November!!! The kids looked like they had a blast

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