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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr. L

(Mr. L & the Christmas after we adopted him 2005)

My days are full, and night time is the chance I have to catch up on everything. Lately, life speeds by at full force and I am left just trying to hang on. Life can lead you on some interesting journeys and no journey has been more interesting and full of surprises as the journey of parenting Mr. L.

You see, by all accounts, he is a MIRACLE (all children are), but him in particular MIRACLES abound. Mr. L was adopted on May 20, 2005. It was by no chance that he became our son, but through faith and GOD's PLAN. I remember the judge saying "Do you claim this child as your own as if he had been born to you?" After the adoption was finalized, I was listed as mother on his birth certificate (even though at that point I have never gave birth). He was two years old at the time.

Lately, everything with Mr. L has seems like a struggle. Any parenting manual you might have, you can just throw it out the window. He challenges the traditional sense of parenting and requires you take the creative approach. Mr. L has been in some type of therapy since he was an infant. At one point it was written that there was "probable hearing loss". He has had ear tubes placed 3 times, adenoids removed, and heart surgery to correct a PDA. He has seen a geneticist, 2 developmental paediatricians, pediatric cardiologist, ENT specialist, physical therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologist, glaucoma specialist and now we are adding to our list orthodontist and pediatric neurologist.

(Mr. L & Christmas 2010)

Amongst Mr. L's diagnosis' are: developmental delay, ADHD, microcephaly, pre-glaucoma. I have to be honest, sometimes it is incredibly tough. Sometimes I throw my hands up in the air and feel defeat. We try things and they don't work, but we keep going. But despite all of the above things listed he is HAPPY. He is a LIGHT to all who meet him. And actually, that is what his name means "light". He is an excellent reader and loves Star Wars and NERF. He LOVES to ride his bike and play outside. I constantly remind myself that I need perspective...Even on a bad day, I am privileged to parent him because I know what the alternative would have looked like. I will advocate for him, I will make sure he has what he needs, and let's be honest (most of what he wants), and I commit to making life positive and good to the JOY and LIGHT that he brings it.

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