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Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Glaucoma Appointment and Grace on TV!

My mind is having a difficult time wrapping around the fact that tomorrow Luke has another glaucoma appointment.  I can feel the slight anxiety start to creep up for tomorrow.  Even though we are going to his regular glaucoma doctor (Dr. Edmunds), I will be going alone (Mark will be working).  Usually we go to these appointments together for support, and two people hearing what a doctor says is better than one.  Unfortunately a few months ago, Mark's schedule changed and he no longer has Tuesdays off.  Since the medical doctors only see pediatric patients on certain days, rescheduling would be a nightmare.  So...tomorrow I get to put on my "brave big girl pants" and do this solo.  Not really sure what all they will do...sometimes they check his visual field and sometimes it is just a quick eye pressure check.  But one thing I have learned throughout this whole experience is... to expect the unexpected.  For example...the day he was diagnosed with Tourette's.  Totally unexpected and I was caught off guard.  Any prayers you could give on Luke and my behalf would be very appreciated tomorrow.  Appointment time is late afternoon, so I will update tomorrow evening.

So....I saved the BEST and most FUN news for last.  My Gracie is going to be on TV!!!!!! My Aunt Shirley does fabulous crafts.  She has made wonderful things for me as I grew up.  I still have some of her first clay ornament creations that I cherish!  Anyway....she is a regular on AM Northwest and Aunt Shirley needed a child model for this new kids face paint and she asked Grace to be the model.  I am super EXCITED and Grace is over the moon.  When I told Grace she was going to be on TV she said to me, "This news makes me very excited."  My Aunt got her this adorable cheer leading outfit and she is going to be adorable.  If you are in the northwest area Grace will debut on Thursday, August 25!!!  Our very own TV STAR!!!

Short post for tonight.  This mommy is very tired.  Long day today and even longer day tomorrow.  Therapy on Tuesdays start at 8am.  Thanks for the prayers!

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