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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leg Surgery, Hawaiian Food and Roller Skating

LEG SURGERY!!! sweetie had to have a leg procedure done last Wednesday.  He has had a bad vein in his left leg that has been bothering him for months.  It goes numb, falls asleep and causes him a lot of PAIN.  So he had an outpatient procedure to fix it.  He told me that he thought it was "ironic" that in order to cure the pain he has been having,  he has to go through so much pain to get there.  Poor guy.  Fortunately he has to be up and around walking for the leg to heal properly, so he isn't stuck lying down.

HOWEVER....I think the most PAINFUL part of the leg surgery was NOT being able to climb Mt. Adams this year.  Right now...his best buddy Luke Gillock and his son Daniel are up climbing the mountain.  Mark really wanted to be there the first time Daniel climbed Mt. Adams.  There is something about the "mountain top" experience that is indescribable according to Mark.  So... I have been praying for his recovery and his loss of not being able to do something he really LOVES.  

Mark at the summit of Mt. Adams

 Luke, Jordan and Mark at the Summit

Oh how Mark LOVES all of his climbing gear.   So it looks like the summit was 12,280 ft.

The last couple of days have been a blast hanging out with the kids and entertaining them while daddy has been recovering.  Friday, my mom took us out to lunch at the Bamboo Grille (Hawaiian Food).  It was really yummy.  Then we had our annual "Baseball Park" day.  Luke is getting quite good at hitting the ball.  It does this mommy's heart good to know that he can still SEE well enough to hit a baseball.  He REALLY wants to play baseball next year.  I am hoping that he can too!  Grace enjoyed running the bases and picking flowers.  Miss B was out an about this year and even hit a couple tennis balls with the bat (with mommy's help).  She is miss independence (let me tell you).  
Mimi helping Grace bat...Luke catching...

Miss Bella watching the "action" with her Minnie Mouse Hat and sunscreen in hand. :)

After we were done at the "Baseball Park" we took the kids to Oaks Park (amusement park) for even more fun (Cause we are CRAZY like that).  It was Fred Meyer Fridays so we took advantage of their great deal.  I rode the rides with the kids (cause of Mark's leg).  

Part of our admission was getting to go Roller Skating.  Mark looked at me funny when I told we were going roller skating.  Yes, I knew the kids had never been roller skating before, but we were there, it was already paid for, so we were having this EXPERIENCE.  It was the FUNNIEST thing...Poor Gracie couldn't even stand up.  She spent more time on the floor.  Her exact words were "I HATE THIS".  Luke was actually much better, but they still didn't get off the carpet.  I took a couple of laps out on the roller rink and WOW it has been 15 years since I last roller skated.  It was kind of fun.  I vowed that BOTH kids were getting roller skates and they were going to learn.  They were less than thrilled.  They were quite happy to be rid of the skates, and that their roller skating careers were short. ;)  After and ice cream and a few laps around on the go-carts we were exhausted. 

 This is how the kids looked much of the time :)

 Grace bravely hanging onto the bench while attempting to stand for a picture :)

I really enjoyed that for a few days I was able to let the stress of everything go...and focus on the little family I LOVE so much!

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