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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Kindergarten Graduate!

 On June 8th, Grace became our newest Kindergarten Graduate.  She preformed in a program with her class and she did an incredible job!  She even had a speaking part.  Miss B did well by sleeping through the entire graduation only waking in time to have a bite of cake before heading home.  It was nice as I was able to enjoy the graduation without chasing a baby around!  Luke played Mimi's checkers game throughout most of the graduation which kept him occupied as well as entertained.  WE are so PROUD of you miss Grace Kylaa Elizabeth.  You are spunky, independent, kind and caring and I couldn't ask for a more creative, helpful wonderful daughter. We LOVE you so very much and look forward to all the incredible things God has in store for your AMAZING life.

 Grace with Miss Anderson (her assistant teacher in kinder)

And Grace with Mrs. Gaines (who in my opinion is the BEST kindergarten teacher in the WHOLE world.  Both Luke and Grace learned incredible, wonderful things in kindergarten and there is nothing better than setting that positive foundation for school, learning and life).  Thank you Patti for everything you did, you do and the all the sacrifices you make to serve little 5 and 6 years olds and for taking on the challenge of my crazy kiddos!  We LOVE you!)

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