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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Comical Day!

Seriously....I should have stayed in bed this morning!!!! Do you ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong?  Where you feel the universe is just trying to test your patience to see if you will break? I had ONE of those DAYS!

It started out ok.  Kids were arguing with each other about something of little importance (like who looked at who the WRONG way) or (so-in-so touched my baby toe, etc.) Yes... real earth shattering stuff, but normal for our home.

In an attempt to help Miss B find a milk product that doesn't make her sick, I have tried many different milk products.  She has had a difficult time adjusting to whole milk.  Well...I guess "difficult" would be the wrong word since she has "not" adjusted yet.  We (or should I say "I") have been dealing with Miss B's stomach issues when it comes to milk.  I had no sooner gotten out of the shower and put on fresh clothes from the dryer can guess it...she promptly threw-up all over me (somehow missing herself completely)..talent that girl has :)  So... she shall remain on toddler formula since it is the only thing that is not making her sick.

While somehow managing to grab a towel while holding a baby and trying to save the carpet from demise, Grace walks through the front door (the older 2 were out helping daddy) and announces "I have cat poop on my leg."  FAB-U-LOUS.  I am screaming for Mark who is happily working out in the garage.  The combination of the vomit and the cat poop is almost enough to send me over the edge.  When I mange to hobble over to inspect Grace she not only has cat poop on her leg, but also on her dress, shoes and now the floor.  Again FABULOUS! What is one to do?  Unable to throw in the towel (because it was covered with vomit) I did what any good mom would do...set the screaming baby in the pack-in-play, quickly change my clothes in the laundry room and disinfect the 6 year old.  Then clean and disinfect the floor.  And yes...we don't have cats.  Doesn't seem quite fair?

The day naps, kids eat lunch and fight over who gets the blue spoon (normal).  Daddy goes off to work.  He is gone 5 minutes before I hear the words that no mother ever wants to hear when daddy is not at home, "Mom...the bathroom floor is wet...there is water all over the floor."  WHAT? I scream.  Yes water shooting out of the top of the toilet.  FABULOUS.  I call Mr. Dahl at work and explain the situation in hysterics.  "There is water shooting out of the top part of the toilet".  His advice...put a "Do Not Use" sign on the toilet.  What?  That is it?  No help?  He says he will fix it when he comes home and instructs me how to turn off the water to the toilet.  Great.  I clean up 3 towels full of water off the floor and instruct the children to  "Do Not Use" the toilet.  :)

I announce to the kids we are getting out of the house...going somewhere, anywhere to see what is going on in the world outside our doors.  We load up in the van and 5 minutes into a trip to the park 2 of my 3 children are sleeping.  Great!  We return home.  I make dinner, put kids to bed, and promptly CALL MY MOM!


Katie said...

I am so sorry for your unfortunate day. I'm not going to lie I chuckled several times while reading it thinking to myself "go-figure" isn't it how it always is when you have one of "those days" glad you survived it and the kids to. I think you should play a recording of a barking dog to scare off that pooping cat! How frustrating to not own a pet and still end up with cleaning up the mess!

Carissa said...

I know!! We don't have animals but still have to clean up. We survived and I am glad you got a chuckle....its good to laugh :) I was while writing it:)

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