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Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Magical Miracle Trip

In late June, our family took a magical, miracle trip to the Happiest Place On Earth!  Disneyland is always magical (no matter your age), and this trip was a MIRACLE, because some incredible, generous people decided to give the entire trip to our FAMILY as a GIFT!  They wanted Luke to see Disneyland NOW, and they wanted our family to have a much needed break.  So, we packed up the kids and headed on down to Anaheim via the Long Beach Airport courtesy of Jet Blue Airways!  This post is packed with pictures :) Enjoy

 Mark and Bella waiting at the gate C6 for our plane to arrive.  She was the busy toddler this trip, and I could tell that the others waiting at the gate were hoping they were not going to sit next to us!

Luke and Grace waiting for our plane.  It was late, but that didn't stop the pilot from making up the time in the air.  We flew 600 miles per hour to make it only 15 minutes late.

 Luke and Bella cruising at 39,000 feet.  I must say I am one BLESSED mama to have such incredibly good traveling children.  Bella may have been a bit loud at the terminal but she was an angel in flight.

Here is how dad enjoyed the flight (with ear phones and the next row over).  I on the other hand was in the middle with Grace on one side, Luke on the other and Bella on my lap.  I LOVE how serious Grace looks watching her TV.  Such the seasoned traveler.

Our airplane.

Our sweet little Long Beach Airport.  Seriously...if you are considering going to LA try Long Beach.  It is little and easy and Jet Blue flies in directly.

Our FAVORITE lunch spot IN N OUT burger.  YUMMY!  Uncle D even met us for lunch too.  Part of going down to Anaheim was to visit David and Katie (my brother and sister in law).  They were so incredible by keeping up with us at Disneyland and blessing our entire family with love and lots of fun stuff.  We love you guys!

Swimming was another highlight of our trip.  My kids are to the age where they really love to swim and Miss Bella was no exception.  She LOVED her some swimming time!

 Our hotel...the Sheraton Park Hotel.  

 Dinner at our favorite restaurant DUKE's (Huntington Beach).

 The Happiest Place on Earth!

 Alice and Wonderland!

 Dumbo with Daddy!

 Miss B and mommy.

 Rockin the 3-D glasses at California Adventure!
 This little girl waited sooooo long for this NEW Ariel ride.  She was THRILLED to ride it twice.  It was a cross between Haunted Mansion (you ride in a clam shell that resembles the chair in haunted mansion) and its a Small World because of the music.

 Our family of 5...notice Bella's missing shoe :)

 Miss B!!!

 The three amigos.  

 The train.

 Grace got her face painted at the Princess Fantasy Fair.  WOW!  This was the best thing you could have done for her.  She LOVED it!

Even better was dancing with the REAL Sleeping Beauty during the show!  She could barely move because she was so in awe of Sleeping Beauty.  It was the cutest thing.

Aunt Katie gave the kids this incredible "Very Merry Unbirthday Party". She took the kids to Chuck E Cheese followed by a birthday party at their place.  She even got each of the kids their own birthday cake.  WE were ALL incredibly BLESSED!

 Bella's Cake
 Luke's Cake
 Grace's Cake

Checking out their place!

Here is Uncle D and Aunt Katie...thank you again for everything you did for us.  We felt sooo LOVED.  We miss you guys so much.

And to the people who gave us this incredible GIFT, I pray that God blesses you for your generous, kindness an selflessness.  Thank you for the MEMORIES and for the OPPORTUNITY to give Luke this experience right NOW.  I am so thankful more than I can express in words.

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