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Saturday, July 9, 2011

ILS (Integrated Listening Systems)

I can't let anymore time go by before I pause here to share with you the incredible miracle of of God's PROVISION.  First off, thank you to everyone that donated money to Luke.  It means more to me than you will ever know and this MOMMY's heart can't find the words to express to you about how much it means that you all care about Luke so very much!  But the incredible thing is it is not only being used by Luke but by Grace as well.

It is a multi-sensory approach to the therapy and we are having fun using it in our house.  I of course LOVE being the therapist and helping them do all the fun activities from the play list.  They are balancing, bouncing balls, tossing bean bags (or pelting me with them) stretching, drawing, playing Wii Sport (which is allowed during the iLs time).  After a bit of adjustment, they are tolerating the ear phones just right (the head band helps keep them on Luke's little head) and they are great about understanding the equipment and being responsible and respectful when it is their turn.  I can't wait to report the updates and results as we begin seeing them.

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