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Friday, October 7, 2011

Change has come...

My days are filled with activities that revolve around those 3 precious blessings shown above. 

Luke has settled into the school routine...finally...and I am happy to report that he is enjoying school and even has been making friends.  He comes home from school eager to do his homework (which is usually a fun activity that the teacher sends like bingo, or word scrambles).  We continue to be impressed with his teachers' knowledge and instruction for kids with special needs like Luke.  Thursdays are still therapy days at Legacy Salmon Creek.  He enjoys the one-on-one time with his therapist, Joy.  I enjoy the support she gives me as Luke's mom.  It is truly a partnership...a partnership, a delicate balance, a well choreographed dance, between therapists, teachers, doctors and specialists that help Luke excel.  I can report I honestly feel settled and have made PEACE with his health diagnosis'.  I continue to advocate for him, making sure that the school is doing all they can for Luke and that he is receiving the services noted.  He is also in level 2 for swimming lessons (which we all attend once per week).  He is more confident in the water, and truly seems like he belongs in that class.

Princess Grace is happy at school.  She has a gazillion friends, enjoys music, library and hot lunch... and oh yes...the MONKEY BARS.  She comes home each day and reports to me her monkey bar successes and failures.  "Mom today I did the monkey bars backwards."  "Mom, today I couldn't do the monkey bars." :) It is so funny to me that EVERY book she has brought home from the school library has been mainly pink in color, Barbie or Hannah Montana.  Too funny.  She cracks me up.  Her teacher adores her, and the feeling is reciprocated by Grace.  Although she is struggling in reading, I have chosen not to take on the guilt, and be grateful and thankful that a reading program is available to her each day and that it just a FREE service they are offering to her.  She has been begging me to return to dance class.  I am thinking on that one.  I want to support her interests, but at the same time have to make sure that we can commit fully to the activity.  Grace is taking swimming lessons once a week too.  She is in level 1.

Isabella is growing up.  She is witty and independent and has a temper!  She is saying more words daily like "poon" (for spoon) and "g-g" (grace) and "woo-woo" (for Luke). She is obsessed with her shoes, feeding herself independently and brushing her teeth (as long as you run the water for her and she can play in it!)  Sometimes I look at her and she just warms my heart so much.  What a daily blessing and reminder of God's incredible love!  She too is in swimming lessons with me (parent and tot level).  Yes, I am that crazy.

I am surprised how content and happy.  I am filling my days with activities that revolve around the kids.  I am not stressed with the daily happenings of work, or caught up in drama that can be consuming.  I have time to cook, clean, organize and coupon.  Sometimes my only worries for the day are finding new (or slightly used) shoes for Bella, or running a juice box up to one of my children at school for their lunches.  After my summer of worry and stress about working, I am happy...I am at peace...I am doing exactly what it is I am supposed to be doing. 

While this happiness is so wonderful, it hasn't come with out CHANGE.  Mark is now working what the railroad refers to as "THE ROAD".  He is traveling with the trains.  If you want a good idea about what it is that Mark does watch the movie Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.  Mark is a conductor and when he travels with the trains it is consider "his train."  He rides with an Engineer (who drives the train), but Mark is responsible for the communication to dispatch, and all the stops and moves the train makes.  More specifically...he is traveling to Pasco, Washington and back.  I am not going to lie...the money is good.  The schedule on the other hand STINKS.  Mark's schedule is basically...he doesn't have one.  It has been an adjustment...most difficult for Luke (who thrives on schedules).  It bothers him to not know when dad is coming or going.  I have tried my best to ease this transition, but in the world of special needs, sometimes you can't and you just have to deal.  That is kind of where we are.  I let the waves of sadness wash over him, and then I pick him back up (so-to-speak) and we move on.  We do whatever we had planned for the day, all while validating his feelings and thoughts about how much he doesn't like dad going to Pasco (which he will voice often).  Pray for him if you have the chance.  We all would appreciate it.  


Katie said...

So excited to read a happy post that validates that God is answering our prayers for you! We are extremely happy to hear that Luke is excelling and happy at school now. Grace is so full of Life and Bella is becoming her own person what an incredible time in the Dahl home.

Shelly Cunningham said...

So good to hear from you on how the fall is progressing for you all. I am glad school is going well for the older two (btw, fantastic pic of Grace!) and that you're enjoying time with Bella. I agree with you about having time to finally clean & organize the house as well as cook. When I was working, it felt like my head was always spinning! I hope things continue to go smoothly for the kids, and that you call can adjust to the changing schedule of Daddy's job. Good luck, friend!

Shelly Cunningham said...

* I meant "all", not "call"

Carissa said...

Katie...thank you for your encouragement and prayers for Luke. I love your new puppy! Too cute. It is a big deal around the Dahl home that you have a puppy. We love you.

Shelly...thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, being home is wonderful. It is worth the sacrifices (which I know you are making right now). I feel such peace (as I know you understand). I feel blessed to get to spend the days with my children. How quickly the time passes and what a blessing to pour out oneself to the raising of the little blessings given to us. I pray for you each day, and so look forward to reading your blog on your adventure to Alaska. Have a wonderful trip this coming weekend to Alaska to visit Josh.

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