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Monday, October 10, 2011

My Life with Coupons...

Someone asked me today if I was an "extreme couponer."  I had to laugh and say "no".  While I do not coupon to the extremes of some, I do enjoy saving money on products my family uses daily.  It has been nearly a year since I was bitten by the coupon bug.  They say it only takes one money saving transaction and you will get hooked.  Well...that was true for me ;)  My first experience with coupons regarded saving money on diapers.  After I scored a package of diapers for free....I was hooked!  With all the publicity regarding the TLC show "Extreme Couponing", I thought I would share what "Extreme Couponing" looks like in the Dahl House. 

Can anyone say FREE??? Yes, today I scored all this for FREE.  These are on products that we use.  And to be honest....I really didn't do anything that special.  Between the stores Rite Aid and Safeway I got these items free.  Each week I buy the Sunday papers, file them in my system, and watch my favorite 3 blogs for the deal match-ups.  I find what I want, cut the coupons and shop.  :)

I have no special rooms to store my stockpile.  Just some space in the garage (thank you Mark), and chest freezer.  And by "Extreme Couponing" standards, my stockpile isn't really one at all.  I am proud of it though.  It is perfect for us.  I really enjoy couponing because it is something I can do to contribute to the family and help with finances even thought I am not working.  It leaves me feeling frugal, happy, and prepared.

 This is my one white cupboard...I keep it stocked with soup, boxes of pasta, peanut butter, salad dressing and other fun stuff.

 The bottom part is filled with health and beauty items and cleaning supplies, shampoo and body wash.  I will never pay for dental floss again.  I enjoying knowing I have plenty of toothpaste, razors, hand sanitizer and deodorant.  It is convenient for Mark who is traveling a lot to just go out to the laundry room storage and pick out what he needs.  It is even better to know it was purchased at a stock up price!

 This is my laundry soap collection.  As you can see we like Tide!  It's not a lot but was purchased cheaply and we have plenty. 

 This is my one shelf crammed between the wall and the water heater :) The top shelf contains paper products, the next one has all my cereal.  I have stocked up on 20 boxes of cereal the kids like.  Each box was purchased for 1.25 or less.  This shelf  also contains boxes of oatmeal.  The next shelf is the baby shelf (formula, diapers, wipes, bottle liners, toddler food).  The bottom shelf has all the bottled drinks (water, poweraid, juice, pop, etc.)

Finally my chest freezer that is stocked with all sorts of things that were purchased at rock bottom prices.  Bread, pizzas, strawberry puree from June to make jam when it is winter, hot dogs, meat, Popsicles, etc.

So there you have it..... a little example of one stay-at-home mama's way to contribute to her family, use coupons, be prepared and provide for her munchkins.  I heart couponing!!!

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