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Monday, January 9, 2012

Ok...time for Updates...

It's been awhile since I have given any updates on I was thinking it was about time!  When we returned from Hawaii we hit the ground running with Christmas around the corner...well not much time for blogging about things. 

Overall, life is going very well.  We are happy and healthy and the kids have returned to there normal routine of school and after school activities.   Bella and I have resumed our days hanging out with each other.

Mark is working in the BNSF yard currently.  He is working RCO (which means he is running the trains with remote controls).  Mark will be moving back out to the road here shortly and begin making his trips to Pasco, WA and back.  Mark is still serving as a deacon board member at our church.  He always finds time to play with his kids...they become more and more of his free time.  He is always willing to give me a break and we have even found time for a couple of dates as of recently!  Yay for movie gift cards!

Luke is doing really well.  We are happy to report that his eyes have stabilized and we are back to 3 month appointments at Casey Eye instead of every 6 weeks.  It is still a watch and wait game, but I am at PEACE, and I am ready to accept whatever God might have for Luke regarding his eyes.  The end of this month will see Luke having another genetic appointment at Legacy and an Ortho appointment.  Luke is busy with Karate...We have a new purple belt and he advanced to the intermediate class!  He continues to do iLs and it has helped him so tremendously.  He is reading and writing at grade level!

Grace is hysterical...she is doing well.  However she did not want to return to school after Christmas break.  She told me that she wanted to stay home and watch TV "as a family" she added.  Grace had a great report card this past trimester.  She continues to improve in reading and she is doing the iLs as well.  Grace is dancing every Wednesday afternoon.  She is dancing ballet and tapping away!  She will have a big Showcase in June.  Grace enjoys playing well Bella more and more these days.  I often find Grace "mothering" her.  It is so cute!

Bella is talking and blabbering a lot!  I can hardly believe that my little baby is going to be 2 in March!  Oh hurt my heart that she is growing up so quickly.  Bella is so funny and keeps me laughing.  She absolutely hates the vacuum and whenever she sees it or passes by it she says, "no, no, no".  Bella loves to play the copy cat game with you.  She has all these funny little faces and moves that she does so that you will copy her.  The girl is obsessed with the bus and ELMO.  All my kiddos went through the ELMO phase and Bella is no exception.  She has a little stuffed Elmo that she got for Christmas and she sleeps with it every night.

I am doing well.  I am about ready to close up on a mentoring case that I have had since August.  I have had a couple of substitute jobs which have been fun little days out in the "real world".  The kids keep me hopping with all the activities and such.  I also am trying to start a little small bow making business.  Thanks to my great sis Katie for the encouragement, I am selling my handmade girls bows.  I will share more about that in the coming days.  God has also been doing a work in my heart, and I continue to seek His will and direction for all He is speaking and showing to me. Blessings in the new year!

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