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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Day, Car Accident and Crafts

We had a bit of winter weather this past week and the kids had a "snow day".  It was a perfect snow day...snow was out in the morning and gone by the afternoon.  We had fun visiting with some friends at their house and hanging out that afternoon.  Bella had her first experience out in the snow.  She thought the best part of the snow was scooting around in her boots.  The snow was really wet, so it created a big mess and she really didn't want to have anything to do with it.

The same day as the snow, Mark got into a car accident.  We are SO thankful that no one was hurt (except the car). Currently, the car is in the shop getting repaired.  We are also thankful that we have the truck to drive so that we don't need to have a rental.  I know Mark felt really bad about the accident, but stuff happens and that is why we have insurance.  Cars are just things but people are important.

Mark is getting ready to head back out to the road on the railroad and I am gearing up to take on the kiddos while he works a crazy schedule.  We are thinking about upgrading our 1992 TV this month. :)  We have the oldest TV and is must weigh 300 pounds.  This was my parents TV and back in the day it was awesome!  Now...not so much.  I honestly would just like to see the whole picture now that everything is formatted in wide screen.  We often miss words because we don't have a wide screen.  Oh well...not in a rush, but this purchase is definitely on our minds.  When we do replace it my mother will be so relieved.  She calls our TV "the death trap."  Hehehe.  It has worked well and blessed us all these years.  We are slowly coming into the electronics era.  My brother Dave, is the electronics guy.  He has every gadget you can think of.  Me...not so much.  This year we finally purchased our first laptop (which I LOVE)!  And I got a new digital camera (Nikon SLR).  Yesterday, a NOOK Simple Touch joined our family.  While my son has used it more than me...I can't wait to enjoy the technology of this new ereader.  Luke already has it figured out!  This coming from a gal that didn't have her first e-mail account until I was out of high school (1997).  So I am enjoying some of the new gadgets we have in this electronics world.

Lastly...I have been having some fun doing a few crafts these days.  Today I created Valentine Felt Fortune Cookies for my kiddos.  The suspense is killing them and they can't wait to dive in.  It is a count down to Valentine's Day.  The RED fortune cookies are for Luke and the PINK ones are for Grace.  When Bella gets bigger I will add WHITE one's for her.  Starting February 1, they will pick one "cookie" a day and open it up and read the "fortune" or scripture that tells them about Jesus' love for them or an attribute/blessing that we (Mark and I) love about them.  All 28 of the cookies are different so they can share with each other and the plan is that it will lead to some good conversations.  I am really trying to get the kids to open up and really start talking about the important things.  If you are interested in getting some felt valentine's cookies for yourself or someone you LOVE....visit my ETSY shop Dahlhouse Design.  Or it you want to know how to make them yourself they are super fun!  I would LOVE to let you know how.

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