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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Therapy Room

For the last 3 weeks, I have been working very diligently on our front living room.  A month ago, I decided that the front room was a waste of space for our family (with the exception of the computer).  So...I got rid of EVERYTHING with no purpose...the table sitting in the window, the fake leather couch (hehe) and the coffee table.  We have maxed out our 1450 sq feet, and since moving isn't on the horizon for us, we created a space for our benefit them. 
(This little table from IKEA is the only purchase I have made for this room so far 19.99).

I have organized a homework desk with a soft light.  I went through all the school supplies (markers, pens, stamps, paper, etc.) finding them each a home and labeling them with their appropriate picture cue card. 
I gutted each of their rooms and moved board games, building toys and Lego's out to this recycled shelf.  My kids love the Thomas Kincaid light, and I made sure to include some Bella toys in the yellow tote so she will have activities to do too.  She doesn't like to be left out!

I found the play doh and all they different sets they have (Dr. drill and fill, shake shoppe, etc) and then found them a home on my black shelf (complete with picture cue card).  Coloring books, work books, trains have their own basket and I created a "Grocery Store".  I found a Creative Learning cash register at a 2nd hand store for 7 dollars (regularly 40 at Learning Palace) and recycled boxed goods by taping up butter boxes, gold fish box, and other fun food.  The kids stuck garage sale price tags on everything and "Whole Foods" bags were recycled so the kids can "bag their groceries."  This has been HOURS of fun for them!
I dusted off the lite brite and found it home, hung the iLs and the components for that therapy system.  The kids choose their own activities during their iLs session.  We have been doing the CALMING protocol right now.  Luke has been less resistant and I am so happy.  Grace is wonderful about doing iLs and is quick to ask and choose her activities.

Mark hung the suspended tennis ball.  The mini trampoline has a home and my teacher supplies are finally organized.  The prize box is in view for hard working kids.  I have compression shirts, theraputty and a weighted blanket on their way hopefully to be delivered by the post man soon! (Compression shirt arrived yesterday.  He LOVES it!) 

(Grace jumping on the trampoline doing tennis ball work).

The big plastic drawer has all my teaching supplies and manipulative's.  They enjoy writing on the white board and the emotions poster has been hung to help Luke identify what he is feeling instead of just blowing up when frustrated, angry, upset, mad, etc .

The bags were a little project of mine.  I created the 2 bags to be grabbed in a quick situation when heading out.  They have the essentials in them that can get us through karate practice or ballet, or any other appointment we might have.  The bags have diapers, wipes, color books, crayons, juice boxes, fruit snacks, dum-dums and pencils and paper.  Just trying to be more organized. 

My last issue was wanting desperately to have an indoor swing in our home.  A friend of mine suspended on in a door way frame.  I found this neat option to put in a door frame.  I like this idea because IF we ever move I can take it with me to another house.  There are also expander bars if the door frame ever exceeds 36 inches.  Now to pry another 90.00 bucks from our bank account to purchase the bar and then another 50.00 for the net the swing I really want for Luke. 
Support Bar - Rainy Day Indoor Playground

Patience...I know....sometimes it is just so difficult for me to not "sell the shirt off my back" to pay for the things I know can benefit Luke, or help make our home "happier" and "calm". 
(Here is Luke in his new compression shirt.  It is nice because it is so long and will hug his hips too.  It is navy so it can be worn under his clothes or just as it is.  His arms are pretty skinny but the length is right.  I need to order him so more now that I know that he likes them.  He actually was asking me to make the shirt hug him tighter. :)
He went back to OT this week...I am so grateful!  Joy, his therapist, is so WONDERFUL!!! I can't sing her praises high enough.  She not only is great with Luke she supports me too!

(Luke doing iLs while playing Operation with mom.)
(Grace enjoying her little "office space."  She loves to play at the desk and create!  She is very artistic!

My kids are amazing.  The things they do make me so proud.  The courage they display in their lives inspire me!  They are my heroes!!! I love them so much! 

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