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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Computer Upgrade!

See that little box?  Do you know what is in there?  A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!! (Yes it deserves six exclamation points cause that's how awesome it is!) My brother and sister totally rock!  Like totally bless my socks off, can't believe they did this, your generosity is inspiring, made me cry gift!  Total blessing people!  Just because they can, and they care, and they thought of our family. last computer (as in the computer we used last week) was from the year 2006.  I bet you all can guess how fast and impressive it was!  My bro heard me mention we needed to buy a new computer before the fall and no sooner had I finished my sentence than he said to me, "Let Katie and I bless you guys with a new computer."  How cool is that!  Bam!  My need was met like that...and I don't think you can really classify a computer as a need (just a want).  So an amazing blessing!
And I am just going to brag on my bro for a minute here because he totally could of just bought us a standard PC, and I would have been over the moon happy, remember the good ole 2006 model?  But he didn't just buy a standard computer.  He bought us the computer he would like to have for himself.  It is absolutely beautiful and amazing and it makes me want to do the happy dance every time I see it.  It is an all- in- one computer but it is all wireless and it is TOUCH SCREEN!  I know I said it before but AMAZING!!! Gone are the days of the big tower...this one is all built in to the back of the screen.  Totally loving it!  Thank you David for your generous heart and kindness.  Thank you Katie too!

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